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 Indecent and Obscene

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PostSubject: Indecent and Obscene   Mon 28 Jul - 10:32

Can bands get away with more 'obscene' lyrics and artwork these days? Just as an example, the Impetigo artwork that got banned on the original Ultimo Mondo Cannibale get re-issued without any problems. I've seen the original Gore and Perversion artwork on the first Desecration album, and it's really quite soft compared to what you get on the internet these days. And who knows what all the protesters for the old Judas Priest/ACDC lyrics would make of the latest Morbosidad album!

Of course, it is partly because sales for metal aren't half of what they used to be, but what would happen if there was a second Nightstalker, which would lead to mainstream coverage of underground bands?

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PostSubject: Re: Indecent and Obscene   Mon 28 Jul - 15:03

For sure bands can get away with alot more these days.

The only kind of music that offends me lyric and art wise is gino-beats or modern day rap in general...

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Indecent and Obscene
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