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 Jeff Becerra 'very ill'

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PostSubject: Jeff Becerra 'very ill'   Mon 29 Sep - 10:50

Possessed Legend Jeff Becerra Gravely Ill

Metal legend Jeff Becerra, singer for the seminal band Possessed became very ill while touring in Europe. The group, now featuring Jeff Becerra on vocals and the Death Metal band Sadistic Intent backing him up, was touring in preparation for the Hole IN The Sun Festival.

Jeff has been wheel chair bound for more than 18 years since he was shot an paralyzed in a street robbery. A pressure sore became infected on the tour, which was a very ambitious tour for a healthy person, let alone someone with a number of special needs, but Jeff felt compelled to follow the rigorous schedule.

The infection spread to his bones, and soon he was unable to move, the band rushed him to a Helsinki hospital who had home flown to Paris for medical care, but Parisian doctors did not want to deal with such a sick American and they had him flown to LA where he spend nearly 20 days in a hospital on a strong course of antibiotics. Jeff is now resting in his family's care until he can beat the illness.

As a very important member of the underground, and one of the founders of Death Metal, Jeff Becerra deserves our support and encouragement. Where would we be without the contributions the band Possessed ? It is time to step up and tell Jeff what his life and his work means to you.

While filming for a documentary, filmmakers Shane & Amy Bugbee joined forces with Jeff in a acoustical music project Re-Possessed, they have posted some behind the scenes footage as well as an interview and more info on Jeff and his illness at the bands website:
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PostSubject: Re: Jeff Becerra 'very ill'   Sat 25 Oct - 22:43

I hope Jeff gets better soon!!!

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Jeff Becerra 'very ill'
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