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 MP3s: Urgrund Nasheim Nahar Sapfhier Blakagir More

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Evil Edi

PostSubject: MP3s: Urgrund Nasheim Nahar Sapfhier Blakagir More   Sun 8 Jan - 19:44

Miscreant (Russian Death Metal) "Smashed Dreams"

Vomit Orchestra (American Black Metal) "Behold...The Eve of Conclusion"

Black Witchery (American War Metal) "Scorned And Crucified"

Urgrund (Australian Black Metal) "Smashing Monastaries"

Elysian Blaze (Austrailan Black Metal) "Riding The Winds of Sin"

The Stone (Serbian Black Metal) Serbian Text

Nasheim (Swedish Black Metal) Runic Text

Sapfhier (Swedish Black Metal) "Gudadraparen"

Polymorph (German Death Metal) "Disgraceful Supper"

Nahar (French Black Metal) "Hell Investigation"

Blakagir (Polish Black Metal) "Plomien i Lod"

Still Available:

Nekrohocaust (American Black Metal) Untitled

Necros Christos (German Black Metal) "Red Wine Out of The White Skull of Jesus"

Pestnebel (German Black Metal) "Durch Die Sternenlose Dunkelheit"

The Maldoror Kollective (Swedish Industrial) "La Flamme Vivant"

Blasphemophagher (Italian Death Metal) "Emperor of The Black Abyss" (Blasphemy Cover)

Finist (Ukrainian Power Metal) "Land of The Free"

Tundra (Italian Black Metal) "Inner Helvete"

Argath (Finnish Black Metal) "They Shall See no Future"

Spirit Disease (Finnish Death Metal) "Sadistic Belated Abortion"

Requiem Aeternam (Urguay Death Prog) "Wisdom"

Cryfemal (Spanish Black Metal) "Concilio Con Los Fallecidos"

GoatWar (Canadian Black Metal) "To Reign Supreme"

Witchtrap (Columbian Black Metal) "Black Leather Metal Damnation"

Ayat (Lebanese Black Metal) "Laka il Bayato ya Maghtasib il Adyan"

Remembrance (French Funeral Doom) "Eternal Disease"

Wraith of The Rope (American Funeral Doom) "Alone"

Storm Legion (Portuguese Black Metal) "A Noite"

Martyrium (Malta Black Metal) "The Carnage Lit by Darkness"

Sons of North (Russian Black Metal) Russian Text

Black Astrology (Russian Black Metal) "Astrial Light"

Out Now on Suffering Jesus Productions:

Pogrom 1147 (Polish Black Metal) "Instant Blasphemy"

Beyond The Ninth Wave (Canadian Black Metal) "Suicidal Winter"

Coming Soon From Suffering Jesus Productions:

Malveillance (Canadian Black Metal) "Epidemie"

Instinct (English Black Metal) Excerpt

Blackthrone (Apocalyptic Finnish Punk) "Black Hole Satan"

Sinpularctos (English Black Metal) "Living Amongst The Ruins of a Cursed Mind"

All regular priced items from the distro are $10 shipping paid or $8 when securely shipped without jewel cases. Prices are stated in Canadian dollars for Canadian customers and American dollars for the world outside Canada. Customers outside of Canada and the United States please add an additional $3 for the first CD and $1 for each additional CD to cover added postage costs.

Complete listing available at
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MP3s: Urgrund Nasheim Nahar Sapfhier Blakagir More
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