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 cds for sale

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PostSubject: cds for sale   Mon 13 Apr - 13:07

cds for sale/exchange...postage included (for france)...prices in euros

mail me at mp please

asphyx//the rack + bonus (reed/bonus = live)//8
black witchery//desecration of the holy kingdom//7
crucifier//stronger than passing time//5
deathevokation//chalice of ages//7
deeds of flesh//path of ,,,//7
deeds of flesh//inbreeding the anthropophagia//7
destruktor//nuclear storm//7
diabolic//subterraneal magnitude (digipack)//8
dim mak//intercepting fist (ex ripping corpse)//5
disciples of mockery//prelude to apocalypse//7
drawn and quartered//extermination revelry//7
enemy soil//smashing the state//6
entombed//monkey puss (live 92)//7
eviscium//underneath the unburied (ex rottrevore)//7
fleshgrind//destined for defilement//5
gallhammer//gloomy ligths//7
ghoul//we came for the dead//7
gomorrah//caress the grotesque//5
helheim//yersina pestis (promo)//4
hybernoid//todays tomorrow begins//5
immersed in blood//killing season//5
impetuous rage//inverted redemption//7
impurity//of lust and war//6
infamy//blood shall flow (promo)//4
internecine//the book of lambs//7
king's evil//deletion of humanoise//5
mangled//most painful ways//5
mangled//ancient times//5
melek taus//expulsion from the realms of ligth//4
merciless//the awakening//7
mesrine//going to the morgue//6
necrotic flesh//postmortem pleasures//6
Nile//in their darkened shrine//7
obituary//world demise//7
overmars//affliction, endocrine,,, //7
pentacle//ancient death//7
pessimist//blood for the gods//6
pessimist//slaughtering the faithful (promo) /4
rebaelliun//burn the promised land//6
sadistik exekution//fukk//6
seance//saltrubbed eyes//8
sepsism//purulent decomposition //5
slayer//christ illusion//7
soulless profanation//summoning heresy//6
the chasm//conjuration of the spectral empire//9
thornafire//exarcebated gnostic manifestation//5
thornafire//exarcebated gnostic manifestation (promo)//4
thornspawn//blood of the holy taint thy steel //5
tiamat//sumerian cry (reedition)//7
torchure//beyond the veil//6
trapped in life//12 icons//5
vehemence//god was created//6
visceral bleeding//transcend into ferocity//6
vomitor//bleeding the priest//7

as all die//time of war and conflict//6
strength through joy//the force of truth and lies//8
mind your release//compil label release (namanax, amber asylum,,,)//6
ostara//secret homeland//8
of the wand and the moon//emptiness : emptiness : emptiness//7
one for jude//figures//4
divination //dead slow (ambient dub (laswell /harris))//4
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cds for sale
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