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 Deathrow (+ Samhain)

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PostSubject: Deathrow (+ Samhain)   Tue 13 Oct - 16:31

There seem to be a few of the old German Thrash bands outside of the obvious three that are finally getting some form of appreciation after all these years (for eg, Violent Force, Necronomicon, Minotaur, Living Death, and so on.).

But one that don't seem to get quite as much of a mention is Deathrow. Their first two albums were some of the finest Teutonic metal producted, and the cover artwork of Riders of Doom looks perfect (why did the US version come with that odd Satan's Gift cover...?).

I think their early material was re-issued by From Beyond / Displeased a few years ago, get it!
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Deathrow (+ Samhain)
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