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 Trade/Sale List

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Location : Singahell

PostSubject: Trade/Sale List   Sun 12 Sep - 8:10

Arch Enemy(Swe) - Black Earth (Toy Factory) 1996/1999
Apophis(Ger) - Gateway To The Underworld (Self-Released) 1993
Baphometh(Venezuela) - In The Beginning(Self-Released) 2003
Bloodstone(Swe) - Hour Of The Gate(Burn Records) 1996
Decrepitaph(Usa) - Beyond The Cursed Tombs (Razorback) 2010
Obscuro(Ita) - When Obscurity Dwells (Drakkar) 2008
Marduk(Swe) - Blackcrowned Boxset (Blooddawn Prod) 2002
Morbider(Cze) - When Darkness Returns (Dark Blasphemies) 2009
Sepultura(Bra) - Beneath The Remains(Roadrunner Reissue) 1989/1997

Nachtmystium - Demise limited to 99 copies (Goatowarex)
Nachtmystium - Nachtmystium MLP (EAL)

Abhor (Ita)- In Tuo Honori Preparatum
Anaxagazaroth- Order of the Wolf
Anaboth- Nie Czas Pomiotów
Armaggedon - Satan Master
Armaggedon/Inner Helvete - The Hordes of the Imperial Hell
Battalion (Aus)- Soldiers of Evil
Bilskirnir- For Victory We Ride
Bilskirnir- Bilskirnir / Nordreich
Black Circle (Swe)- Behold my Visions and Wisdom
Blackgod- Praying for the Death of Mankind
Blackgod- Resurrection Of The Fallen Angels
Bloody Harvest- Vokodlok / Bloody Harvest
Bluttaufe- Schwarze Dornen
Coldness (Prt)- Imperfection... Rotten
Cryfemal- Cryfemal vs. Xerión
Cultus (Nld)- A Seat in Valhalla
Darkness Enshroud- Ancient Kingdoms
Dictatorial Spears- Fleshed of Misanthropy
Domain (Mex)- Hellbirth
Eljudnir- Terugkeer Van Het Zonnewiel
Elymas- In Darkness We Pray
Fornication (Fra) - Black Goat Sodomy
Fornication (Fra) - Open the Gate of Death
Front Beast- Victims of Death
Frozn - Requiem on My Grave
Funeral Elegy- Demo 1
Funeral Howl- Winters Calling
Funeral Howl- Live At TerrorFest 2005
Goatreich 666- Necro Sarcofagus Insanis
Goblin Spell- The first evil spell
Hawkmoon - Tome I: À l'Aube des Puissances
Helgrindr- Wolvesland
Helwetti- Unholy Extreme Black
Holy Death (Pol) - Evil
Homicide (Deu) - Black Crusade
Hornagest - Blask Pioruna
Ironfist (Sgp)- Sexxxual Blasphemous Krucifixxxion
Kristallnacht- Soldiers of Triumphant Sun
Krypteia- Hellenic Martial Virtue
Legions of Astaroth- The Fall Into The Abyssic Kingdom rehearsal
Lichten Nacht- Bliss in Demise
Macabre Operetta- Macabre Operetta
Mastema (Fra)- Inhuman Satanik and Evil
Melets- Satan's Breed (The Mark)
Mind Eclipse- In The Light Of Eclipse Coming
Moonblood - Fuck Peace! We're at War!
Moonblood - Dusk Woerot
Nekromantie- Nekromantie
Netherealm- Summoning The Shadows
Niohoggr- Haudh en nirmaeth
Nowogródek- Shadows' Dance
Old Morgul - The Keys of New Realm
Old Morgul - From the Dark Streams of Night
Paragon Impure - Untitled
Pimeys- Land of Darkness
Raptus (Prt)- Fragments
Regnum- Ye Now Are Sorrowful
Sabbat (Jpn)- The Sabbatical Rites ('85-'89)
Sabbat - Bloody Countess
Saram- Metal Mayhem Genocide
Sargeist- Funeral Curses
Seigneur Voland - Consumatum Est
Spiritual Wintermoon - Nightfall In The Ancient Woods
Stormcrow (Ita) - Hell on Earth
Svartr Strijd- En Sista Vind
Terrorama - Misanthropic Genius
Thrymheym- Remains
Thy Black Blood - A Last Scream of Human Flesh
Tinieblas (Ven) - Hijos Malditos
Toil- Demo 1
Toil- Empire Of Night
Toil- Rites of Abyssic Twilight
Toil- Plagued by Possession
Torturium - Deathcult's Temple
Uruk-Hai (Aut)- Orcish Battle Hymns
Vazal - Chaos/Death

Reserve List:
Abhorer- Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt
Impiety (Sgp)- Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration

Dark Tranquillity - Live Damage(Century Media) 2003

Astral Corpse #1
Black Plague #3
Darkness Against Light #3
Deadly Illness #2
Slayer #17

Send me your offers via PM..

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Location : Singahell

PostSubject: Re: Trade/Sale List   Tue 9 Nov - 16:18

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Trade/Sale List
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