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 Makattopsy Brutal Death Grind (Tur)

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PostSubject: Makattopsy Brutal Death Grind (Tur)   Thu 18 Nov - 0:59

Makattopsy in 2008 in Istanbul / Kadikoy at SOD was established in 2010 under the name and style change of name to the more extreme slamming Brutal Death band from advancing in a line.
SOD, the remaining 2 staff members taking on the task of Feyyaz View vocals and rhythm guitar, drummer started to search for Tolga Guler
staff assumed the position of drummer in the third person was involved Emre Akyildiz bassist in the SOD group after a long separation, the first bass guitarist joined the band Doğuhan Korkut
staff, after a group of a few organizations in the private demo''Proctology Process'' said
Makattopsy very long without a break, and two Indonesian domestic Grindcore group RxTx a joint working group with Rever and Crinial Schism and the''4 Ways Eastern of Brutality Split'' introduced

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Makattopsy Brutal Death Grind (Tur)
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