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Location : Chicago

PostSubject: 333   Wed 15 Dec - 11:47

"SAINT STREET" pro shrink wrapped CDR, or CS: pro duplicated, imprinted smoky tinted cassettes with double sided 5 panel inserts. Digital harsh noise oriented work from 2003 - 2010, in some cases written before a formal introduction to harsh noise was made, out of explorations with failure at making structured electronic music. More musical elements than a usual harsh noise release can be expected. A raw track from this release can be heard here:

$6 ppd US
$8 Canada/Mexico
$11 International


The impetus that spurred this album happened when Ed End, curator of the yearly comp series, "Necktar", asked me to contribute something based on "perception". I immediately came up with an elaboration from Willie Nelson's song, trying to evoke the idea of human imprints on inanimate objects existing within a room, or the anthropomorphic characteristics of them, without the implication of love or loss. This is from my experience of spending a lot of time in old and abandoned buildings, as well as cemeteries, desolate plots of concrete along the lake, and especially in the flooded, moldy basement of an incredibly old church around Augusta and Noble, Chicago circa 2003. I also wanted to use musical and visual imagery which suggested a sort of euphoric feeling of submersion that comes with the choice of complete solitude and being influenced solely by one's own thoughts/actions within a set location for long periods of time. Originally issued on the now defunct Enemata Productions in 2008 (headed by Rick from Infirmary), this new edition comes with 3 single sided 3x5 cards, a yellowed, crumbling page of a book from 1938 with old English text in German, and a generous amount of soil from either "The Bird Sanctuary" along Montrose area lake grounds, the Morse beach, or Bachelor's Grove Cemetary, reputedly the most haunted place in the country. Select copies come with worms, bird bones, and garbage. Cassettes are black Type II High Bias, duplicated by Andy Ortmann with full color labels inside of a smokey poly case, all contents come in a black 4x6 poly bag. Specific soil requests are not available. Run time is approximately 68 minutes. Limited to 84 with a small amount set aside for a special edition packaging later this summer. More pictures to follow.

$8 ppd US
$9 Canada/Mexico
$11 International

Now available in shrinkwrapped pro CDR format as well as the original cassette edition:


The material on "333" is made up of free association compositions that incorporate rhythmic noise, pseudo-classical mannerisms, watery electronic sounds, and spastic, fluttering drum machines with wild time-signature juxtapositions. First partially written in 2003, in a 2nd floor closet, squatting in a rat-infested house that only had power in the flooded basement, Clayton Counts mastered the final product in a stretch of about 5 8 hour long days, while we went over every detail. The 60 minutes of material amalgamates a series of cohesive works made specifically for live performance, in manic, alcohol soaked, dark and solitary sittings of 15-25 hours, then obsessively expanded/refined until 2009. It is composed entirely with a Yamaha RM1x sequencer, incorporating various carefully crafted haywire anamolies that were featured in Dead Tech/Circuit Bending type of art gallery events, and much experience from performing with live bands or working with a wide variety of artists.

The cassette is limited to an edition of 99, across 3 different colored cassettes (solid orange, solid purple, black), with 3 different label designs, a 3 panel, two sided, full color insert, and a color transparency. Copies of the cassette are available at Earjerk and RRRecords. More details here

$6 Postage paid USA
$9 Everywhere else

Paypal buttons at
paypal address:
Trade or wholesale inquiries welcome and encouraged, especially outside of the states!
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Location : Toronto, Canada

PostSubject: Re: 333   Wed 15 Dec - 17:59


Canadian Extreme Metal & Experimental Noize Distribution:
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Location : Chicago

PostSubject: Re: 333   Thu 16 Dec - 7:18

worshipsatanzine wrote:

Thank you for asking!

The amount of copies of the cassettes are running low, so I would prefer not to trade those.
However, I would be happy to trade copies of "333" or "Saint Street" in shrink wrapped Pro CDR format.

Feel free to email for an address.

It might be worth noting that whatever someone trades with me will be considered for airplay on my radio show in Chicago, which is also syndicated in Croatia.

Archives are here:



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