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 Over rated or not? This is the question...

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Location : France

PostSubject: Over rated or not? This is the question...   Sun 13 Mar - 16:57

This topic could be used to discuss the bands who feel might be over-rated...


To begin with, the last weeks I saw more peoples talk about french band BENIGHTED... Comments were quite opposite: One one hand some peoples seem to like their music sooo much, on the other hand some think it's very average, almost boring, pure shit...

The only CD from them I listened was the second one, I think it was the first one to be something like brutal death; Now the 4th album is going to be released... So I decided to check out their myspace page to make a newer opinion (Maybe they had improved and were much better than their 2nd CD which was more or less something like ok/ I could listen, but not lots more...).
So I listened to some songs from their myspace, and it's still kind of the same opinion: There are quite cool riffs from here and there, but globally I don't hear much to blow a fuse or get a crazy emotion... It's again something I could listen, but it's the same for many albums...
I don't understand why some peoples get sooo positive about it (What's really special?), and those who get sooo negative might dislike the deathcore parts of the fact this band is becoming quite fashionable (In the style)...

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Location : Birmingham UK, Paris France

PostSubject: Re: Over rated or not? This is the question...   Mon 14 Mar - 17:44

Checked them out not long ago, for the first time in years, but it's like any of their previous stuff. Not worse or better than the average, a few catchier elements, but nothing unforgettable. If it's overrated, it's only within the French borders...

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Over rated or not? This is the question...
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