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 Underground trades

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Location : France

PostSubject: Underground trades   Sun 4 Nov - 8:48

Interested in trades? Here's my list.

I live in France.
Master + covers possible for some items.

I'm mostly interested in Death metal, brutal death, old school grind, and sometimes other metal genres. Send a list anyway.


-WRITHING (Usa)/ AD PATRES (Fra) Split tape. Fast, kicking and darkened Death metal. (2012)
-HERPES (Fra) Doomsday Demo CDr. Morbid Death metal influenced by Autopsy, with Death breath and early Death touches... (2010)
-NERLICH (Fin) Innards Demo tape. 4 tracks of Death metal from the grave! (2009)
-NECROS (Fra)/ ABNORM (Fra) Split tape. Upcoming Death black from France the obscure way! (2009)
-HEAVING EARTH (Cze) Vision of the vultures Demo CDr. Ferocious and dark Death metal influenced by Immolation, old Hate eternal and Morbid angel. (2008)
-IMPUREZA (Fra) Inquisition Demos. Tape. Death fucking metal! Contains the 3 demos of Impureza, rereleased as tape for the underground maniacs! (2007)

-KATAPLASM (Fra) Maxxximized Centrifuse Blower Demo CDr. Noisecore/ Grind/ Industrial (2012)
-GUTTURALIA XXX (Fra) TILT! Demo tape. Electro grind/ brutality with indus touches. (2012)
-GRIPE (Usa) The future doesn't need you Demo tape. 10 tracks of crushing grindcore with powerviolence touches. (2012)
-UMMON (Fra) Retreat Demo CDr. Technical experimental death thrash/ Industrial (Ex Abyssal suffering) (2011)
-GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) The unspeakable horror Demo CDr. Industrial/ Dark electro/ Extreme metal. (2010)
-BLANK VERSE (Swe) Karelia ingria Demo CDr. Experimental noise/ ambiant (Ex guitarist of the Death metal band Nauseant) (2010)

1 x DIMENTIANON (Usa) Collapse the void CD Black metal
1 x ETHELYN (Pol) Traces into eternity CD Death black, quite melodic.
1 x ORDO TYRANNIS (Usa) Vasa iniquitatis CD Black metal
1 x SATANIC CHRIST (Bra) Opus secretus CD Black metal
1 x TORMENT (Fra) Where dwells a mortal torment MCD. Cardboard insert. Old death metal/ old brutal death. Recording from 1998, obscure band from north of France.
1 x ULVDALIR (Rus) Cold breath of apocalypse CD. Black metal

3 x CRUCIFIXXX SODOMY (Can) Live at duffy's tavern Tape. Black metal/ Punk
2 x GAROTED (Usa) Praise Hate, Praise Murder, Praise the Beast Demo tape. Satanic brutal death
2 x GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) The hungry transplants Tape. Electro/ Industrial/ Extreme metal.
1 x GOREFAGOR (Bol) Demo rehearsal. Demo tape. Underground grind/ Death grind
2 x KATALEPSY (Bol) Katalepsy Demo tape. Grindcore (Covers of Impetigo, Brutal truth, Agathocles, Repulsion...)
2 x LOST GORBACHEVS (Por) rolling stones live tape. Grindcore/ Jazz.
4 x MYSTIFIED (Usa) Fuzz forever Demo tape. Dark ambiant/ Drone/ Electro
2 x SAVAGIST (Usa) Ferox inceptum Demo tape. Post metal/ Post death black/ Sludge
3 x SOCIALISTIC JONNY GOBLET (Usa)/ EVOLUTION CONTAMINATION (?) Split tape. Experimental noise Diy.
1 x SOMBRE PRESAGE (Fra) Integrisme Demo tape. Dark ambiant
2 x TRAPJAW (Ger) Lurking in exile vol 2 Tape. Fast death metal
2 x UNDERSAVE (Por) Now submit your flesh to the master's imagination Tape. Death metal
1 x WHIPSTRIKER (Bra) Crude rock'n roll Demo tape. Heavy metal/ Speed metal

1 x ABUSO VERBAL (Bra) Seu castigo... Ao vivo Demo CDr. Death grind
1 x ATER TENEBRAE (Hungary)/ RAVENSHADES (Hungary) Split CDr. Black metal
2 x BLACK CRACOUCASS (Fra) Xerup Demo CDr. Underground doom/ black metal
2 x BLACK SABBATH (Uk) Ausie knights Bootleg CDr. (Live 1980/ Australia) Heavy metal/ Hard rock
4 x BLANK VERSE (Swe) Karelia ingria Demo CDr. Experimental noise ambiant.
3 x BOXWAGON (Philippines) Civil defense against conformity Demo CDr. Metal punk heavy.
2 x CADAVERIC INFECTION (Bra) Christianity dead Demo CDr. Black/ Death
2 x CURSING EYE (Fra) Awakening live Demo CDr. Death black with electro touches.
6 x GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) The unspeakable horror Demo 2010. Industrial/ Extreme metal.
5 x GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Ogre Demo'07. Indus metal/ Extreme metal/ Electro noise.
1 x HOLOCAUST WINDS (Bra) Sons of the heretic age Demo CDr. Black metal.
2 x TEMPESTILENCE (Bra) Rotting alive Demo CDr. Death metal
2 x TNPAH (Russia) Rehearsal 12/06/10 Demo CDr. Thrash metal.
1 x TNPAH (Russia) Prelude to death - Complete promo Demo CDr. Thrash metal/ Crossover.
3 x THE COVENTRY SACRIFICE (Usa) The coventry sacrifice Demo CDr. Death metal.
1 x TRAUMATOR (Mex) Cerebral agression Demo CDr. Thrash metal.
4 x UMMON (Fra) Retreat Demo CDr. Technical experimental death thrash/ Industrial (ex Abyssal suffering).
2 x WIOLENCE CONJUGALE (Fra) Unholy throne of the zombie CDr. Zomb' hip hop (Hip hop with guttural vocals)
5 x VA - UNDERGROUND WARRIOR #5 Compilation: Mindsnare, Outcast, Total death, Atavism, Disaster, Phantasma, Dosa, Devastator, Benighted, Cad, Bravery, Blood of sara, Inter nos, Necro messiah, Inside, Crystal tears, Au revoir... .

1 x DIE FORM - Rain of blood MCD. Digipack. Dark electro.
1 x DISMAY - In doubt CD. 1995. Hardcore/ Metal
1 x GUIDANCE OF SIN - Soul seducer CD. Melodic Death metal
1 x LOVE LIES BLEEDING - Ex nihilo CD. Black metal
1 x MISANTHROPIC - Soulreaver CD. Death metal
1 x POLTERCHRIST - Engulfed by the swarm CD. Digipack. Death/ Brutal death
1 x TENEBRE - Mark ov the beast CD. Metal/ Heavy metal
1 x VA - THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Comp CD: Pantera, Hatebreed, Soil, Static X, Mushroomhead,, Nothingface, Shadows fall, Meshuggash... Metalcore and metal.

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Underground trades
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