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 Nihilistic Distro is now on Discogs

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PostSubject: Nihilistic Distro is now on Discogs   Thu 27 Dec - 11:47

Nihilistic Distro is now on Discogs.
It took some time, because many demos of very underground bands weren't there...
Creating the release pages, with precise infos, being careful to capitalization at the beginning of each word (!)...
But I have gone through all error messages, now it's okey and 9/10 of my distro is on the site.

For those who run a label or a distro, I would advice them to add few of their releases on the site, to help other peoples to sell and distribute their stuffs easier... If each small label did it a bit, it would be easier to spread their stuffs for everyone... This site could turn in an underground super black market.

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Nihilistic Distro is now on Discogs
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