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 ABOMINOG rerelease - Wasn't it sped up?

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PostSubject: ABOMINOG rerelease - Wasn't it sped up?   Sat 1 Nov - 8:30

I have a stange feeling about the ABOMINOG "Manifesting void" CD released few years ago.

I compared the songs from the "unreleased 1994 demo" and the same songs that were recorded in 1995 on the "Chaos Unleashed" CD,
it seems strange the same songs were played slower on the CD from 1995...

I paid more attention to the sound, and it seems the vocals and the instruments are a little more high pitched on the 1995 release.

What bugs me is, some blast beats sound quite inhuman in speed on the 1994 demo, while on the 1995 demo it remains "human" for this time.

I know we are (very) used to hear superfast drummers and very technical things in 2014, but what it feels like for 1994 is a bit surprising and "magical"...

This taken in account, I wonder if it wasn't sped up (Voluntary or not) with a computer or something...
I used to have a 4 track tape recorder, there was the possibility to sped or slow down the whole with a button so easily (That it could always happen in mistake), and the sped up/ little sound switch towards higher frequencies reminds me of what it felt like with the 4 tracker.

You can compare:
The 1994 recordings:

A song from the 1995 recording:

(The songs from 1995 that appear on 1994 recording aren't on Youtube)

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ABOMINOG rerelease - Wasn't it sped up?
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