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 Coffin Creep - Corpse Defiler (New Death Metal Album)

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Location : France

PostSubject: Coffin Creep - Corpse Defiler (New Death Metal Album)   Mon 18 Dec - 11:25

Hey guys! This our band called Coffin Creep and we play raw old school death metal a l Bloodbath, Autopsy, Entombed etc etc.. We hail from the deep south in Malm, Sweden and this is our debut album that we released last week! The YouTube-link contain the album in its entirety and if you're interested then give the album a listen and support us if you dig it! Cheers & beers!

01 - Headless Corpse
02 - Coffin Creep
03 - Puking Necrophilia
04 - Dust
05 - Pyre At The Graveyard
06 - Ferocious
07 - Disinterred Fontanelle Bong
08 - Lair Of The Creep
09 - Malodorous
10 - Rot
11 - Cursed Tomb
12 - Corpse Defiler

If you're interested of buying this album in a physical format, follow this link to buy the CD from Unearthed Production: ... e-defiler/

For more info go to:

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Coffin Creep - Corpse Defiler (New Death Metal Album)
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