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 VORE - Crushing Doom-laden Death Metal !!!!!

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PostSubject: VORE - Crushing Doom-laden Death Metal !!!!!   Sun 7 May - 15:21

Arkansas Death Metal veterans VORE have just unleashed their third full length album Maleficus! Their new album was mixed and mastered by Colin Davis of VILE at Imperial Mastering. He has given the new VORE album a powerful and modern Death Metal production that devours all!

"Maleficus" features eight new tracks of VORE’s brand of relentless, mid paced Death Metal as defined on their previous releases Dead Kings Eyes (1997) and Lord Of Storms (2001). "Maleficus" sees VORE continuing to refine their crushing riff-laden style and inject more speed and technicality into the mix without straying far from their original vision of heaviness.

Fans of DEATH, GRAVE, OBITUARY, MORBID ANGEL & BOLT THROWER will find solace in the mighty and dreadful onslaught of VORE!!

"Vore are practitioners of a primal, savage strain of death metal that's infinitely more effective than blasts-in-a-blender, drum triggers and overprocessed burping vocals these are the sort of clenched-fist riffs and desperate, grave-dirt-caked vocals that made people scared of death metal in the first place." - Blabbermouth

"Regardless of any stylistic similarities to the aforementioned bands, when it comes to the music of Vore, three factors are of critical importance: riffs, groove, and mood. Helped by a solid mixing and mastering job by Vile's Colin Davis, Maleficus is the epitome of this unholy trinity." - Metal Maniacs

"Maleficus itself is a momentous 35 minutes, and it's a shame that these guys have remained obscure for the past 10 years." 8/10 - Ultimate Metal

"Vore are indeed a band to watch out for in 2006." 8/10 - Unrestrained!

"With nary a blast beat in site, Vore's mid paced yet pummeling pace is graced by a superb production and powerful vocal clarity that simply outdoes about 80% of the death metal I have heard in the last year." - Digital Metal

"Not the slowest of doom or death, Maleficus is instead something different: a doomy take on death metal. While the band might not rescucitate old-school death metal, they definitely inject it was a sense of plodding evil, the likes of which haven't been heard for quite some time. Doomy enough for the crusties and still heavy enough for death metallers, Vore might just have something for everybody."-

Visit to check out some tracks.

Click here to order Maleficus !! Only $10 North America/$12 Rest of World

There is a full page article on VORE in the July 2006 issue of METAL MANIACS ( Enslaved cover) ! On newsstands now !!!
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PostSubject: Re: VORE - Crushing Doom-laden Death Metal !!!!!   Sun 7 May - 17:40

Yeah! VORE rules! Maleficus is a really good cd! :hailz:

Defintally worth checking out if you like your death metal!

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VORE - Crushing Doom-laden Death Metal !!!!!
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