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 R.U. / I.H.T.D. New Update...

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PostSubject: R.U. / I.H.T.D. New Update...   Sun 14 May - 20:35

All Hails !

Verrukose Urethra for the French UG webzine & clandestine label Resistancia Underground. [ ]
Here is our new Update:

+++ RELEASES +++

- RESIST 013 – CAVATICUS [France] “Amentia” Cd-r [Total Nekro Agnostic Black Metal]
More information & MP3 here:

Trades are really welcomed. Get in touch.


The French label Infernal Kommando Records has just released on great pro-tapes two of our ancient suffs:

- INFKOM05- GLADSHEIM [France] “War Wolf Spirit” [Great Misanthropic Black Metal with tons of Pagan Touches]
- INFKOM06- LUBRIK HATE [France] “Negative Destiny” [Nihilistic depraved Black Metal]

for more information :




- ATROPOS [Fra] "Creature Chtonienne" [11€]
A kind of complex mix between Black, Death, Thrash & Heavy Metal with members of Funerarium, Old Legend & Cartilage. Get it if you are a Lovecraft's Mythology's Die Hard and, if moderns ways to express Extreme Metal don't make you sick.
- BATTLEHORNS [Fra] "Demo Kompilation" [11€]
This Cd released by Hohenstaufen Records on 2002 gathers the "Conquering Black Storms" demo 99, the "Nihilistic Paradox" demo 00 & the "Pestenberzerker" promo 01. Good Black Metal in the vein of Dodheimsgard, Satyricon, Manes & Thorns.
- BLOODY COMPILATION "Compilation III" [9€]
Only spanish Black / Death Metal bands w/ Baalphegor, Black Tear, Chamber Of Shred, Tyhiriaeth, Daemonlord, Dyspraxia, Foscor, Jigsore, Lapidated, Lucifugum, Mydgard, Numen, Scent Of Death, Suffering Down, Witches' Sabbath & Xerion.
- FAUSTRECHT [Fra] "Demoniak" [11€]
Destroyed Punk-Black Metal with Burzum influences !!!! This Cd released on Musique & Tradition gathers 3 track of "Nocturnes" [first demo], the entire "Vermines" demo and, 3 tracks from "Dritten Krieg...".
- GRABNEBELFURSTEN [Ger] "Von Schemen Und Trugbildern" [11€]
60 minutes of aggressive, threatening & hateful, but complex and well produced Teutonic Black Metal. Obscure & gloomy, but also very epic and Pagan inspired. Great artwork and killer lay-out.
- HOLMGANG [Dan] "Runens Advarsel" [11€]
This four-piece horde, pummels onwards! This is their full-length that feature 8 tracks and over 40 min of music! Raging Black Metal with the old grand Norwegian feeling. In the vein of Bathory, Manes & cie...
- NARTVIND [Belgique] "Until Their Ruin" [11€]
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhhhhh ! Belgian's scene's not dead! Killer Raw & minimalist Black Metal. Old School aggression smelling the breath of Death & Hate with members of Plague & Eole Noir.
- NOX PESTES [Ger] "Kraft Der Glemente" [11€]
Pure German Raw & minimalistic Black Metal praising war, Nordic mythology, death & nature as the early Nargaroth did. Great cover of the mighty Burzum. Furor Teutonicus.
- SYPNOSYS [Fra] "A Fine Day To Die" [11€]
Powerful, brutal and fukking well done Death/Thrash hailing from France. Head banging, Fucking And Drinking !!!!!!!!
- THRONAR [Netherland] "For Death And Glory" [11€]
First full-length of this Dutch Atmospheric Folk Black Metal band. Nine barbarians tracks honoring ancient battlelores & the bloodiest eras of European history.
- UMBAKRAIL [Fra] "In Unity Païenne" [11€]
For me, the track featuring on the "Unis contre les religions du desert" compilation will always be the best work of this band. But, this first full length offer eight tracks of a good pagan-inspired Black Metal. Harsh sound & French touch.
- VARGULF [Ger] "Invading The Throne (Of God)" [11€]
"Invading the throne of god by crushing his worthless ideals, by raping his children, crushing his house, burning his books and breaking his laws ...." Great Harsh Black Metal in the true Germanic way !!!!!!


- BERGTHRON [Ger] "Jagdheim" [9€]
The nowadays Pagan Black Metal scene wouldn't be so boring with more band like Bergthron! Fucking amazing Mcd full of epic atmospheres between Bathory, Nargaroth, and Devil Lee Rot for the Heavy Metal feeling. 3 tracks for 35 minutes of ancestral pride& barbaric poetry.
- NACHTMYSTIUM [USA] "Nachtmystium" [9€]
Melodies blended with a truly hateful atmosphere reminding Judas Iscariot... Hypnotical despair very close to the greatest Nargaroth works... An this fucking typical harsh sound... This great USBM band no need any other introduction. Killer cover of Judas Iscariot !


- ALENDALUA [Spain] "Orpheos" [3€]
Galician symphonic ambient Black Metal. Obscures melodies, painful atmospheres, tormented riffing aggression & occult inspiration howled in Spanish language. The Xerion alter-ego.
- CAVATICUS [Fra] “Amentia” [5€]
The Infernal duo strikes back ! With Herr Sperm. S. on the vokills. Insane, grim, raw & hatefull. 38 minutes of total nekro-agnostic Black Metal! Killer sound!
Only for pagan souls, with Ratgaldr (x2), Dark Field (x2), Herjan (x2), Nattvarg, Duaël (x2), BRUME (x2), Unterwald, Würm (x2) & Gwydion. Wooded box [200 gr].
- XERION [Spain] "O Trono De Breogan" [5€]
Galician symphonic Black Metal honoring it's folklore & mythology. An old Taran Prod release.


- ANGEL'S DECAY [Slovakia] "Victims Of Belief" [4€]
Bored by the Cannibal Corpse's Death-Gore's syndrome or, others porno-grind childish stupidities ??? Try this tape! This is fucking Old School and, so... fucking Killer!
- CRANIOTOMY [Slovakia] "... And From Flesh To Bone" [4€]
Brutal Death Metal from Slovakia. Not really original but efficient and really hateful. The sound kicks ass! DM seems to have moved from USA to Eastern Europe for a new rise.
- ELISABETHA [Ger] "Sterbegesäuge" [4€]
One hour of Dark, epic occult and atmospheric music. With tracks from the sold out demonstration tape "Durst Nacht Unsterblichkeit", a compilation's one, and new material about the bloody adventures of Jonathan Harker in the weird castle of Count Dracula ...
- FRONT BEAST [Ger] "Victims Of Death" [4€]
Evil Avenger, the master of this O.M.B. wears a patched jacket, and after have listened this tape, it's easy to understand why!!!! Excellent Black / Thrash Metal assault! The Teutonic Unholy War! Total UG release by Deathstrike Rex!!!!!!!
An other Metal strike from Kerry, gathering Drautran, Gorerotted, Martial Might, Cerebral Effusion, Meridian, Embolism, Furia, Hypnos, Nefarium, Cicatrix, S.A.A.E.L., Ancestral Myth, Blackness, Horrid Flesh, Tumour, Epheles, Sanguinary, Asmodee, Vrykolakas, Suicide Squad, Dark Mystery & Gorgon.
- FUNERAL BLAST COMPILATION VOL VI "Satanic & Hateful Underground Paths" [4€]
This tape is very well named. Total fukking raw & UG compilation with Reverence, Cauda Draconis, Ends Um, Belenos, Unhealthy Dreams, Pagan Eternal, Baël, Dark Opus, Darvulia, Tenebrae In Perpetum, Beatrik, Infernal Goat, Goblin Spell (x2), Animus Herilis, Grimoria, Raven & Nuit Noire.
- GLADSHEIM [Fra] "War Wolf Spirit" [4€]
Killer Pro-Tape version of the killer demo Cd-r released in 2005 anno bastardi by our killer kamp. An Infernal Kommando Records Release. Get it or stay GAY!
- HOLOKAUST 2001 [Iceland] "A Death Odyssey" [4€]
Damned !!?!? There is a Black Metal scene in Iceland???? Don't pay attention to the Death Metal fashioned cover, Holokaust 2001 plays a cold, hypnotical and hateful Black Metal devoted to death, misanthropy & genocide. Good stuff by the US label Frozen Landscape Prod.
- INFERNAL GOAT [Italy] "Promo 999" [4€]
Destroyed, abrasive, raw & traditional minimalistic Black Metal fully dedicated to evil, darkness & hate. Killer cover of the killer Impaled Nazarene's "The Horny And The Horna" track. An Ordo Obscuri Domini release.
- LUBRIK HATE [Fra] "Negative Destiny" [4€]
Killer Pro-Tape version of the killer demo Cd-r released in 2005 anno bastardi by our killer kamp. An Infernal Kommando Records Release. Get it or stay a dirty cock-sucker.
- LUNAR REIGN [USA] "Lunar Reign" [4€]
Orchestral, complex & occult Black Metal act from the USA. Get it if you like BM expressed in a modern way, forget it if you worship Krieg, Judas Isacriot, Nachtmystium & cie. Interesting.
- LUNATIC GODS [Slovakia] "The Wilderness" [4€]
Don't pay attention to the cover which could be more suitable for an old Impetigo's stuff's re-release... Lunatic Gods play a complex mix of Atmospheric/Death/Doom/Black Metal in the pure Eastern Europe's new scene's tradition.
- MACHIAVEL [Fra] "To Die For A New Empire" [4€]
Excellent militant Pagan Black Metal. One of the best French band in this BM style, far away from the actual shity Pagan Trend. Honor, Blood and... VICTORY!!! An Aura Mystique Prods release.
- MORBID EXECUTION [Pol] "Necrotorment" [4€]
Old School ! Old School ! Old School ! Old School ! Darkthrone new era meets the ugliest & earliest stuffs of Autopsy! Only two tracks but, a Killer item from Time Before Time Records.
Spanish compilation tape from the Xerion's members with Alendaluà, Drakma, Foscor, Lilith, Lux Divina, Midgard, Moonshine, Scent Of Death, Shadeworks, Adhur, Auria, Crystalmoors, Dark Faith, Demonlord, Forlorn In Silence, Hypocras, Succubus, Wormed, & Xerion.
- NIHILISTIC KAOS / NORDUM [Fra] "Ad Honores" / "Le Chipset Du Froid" [4€]
Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggghhhh ! This tape starts to be cult! The first official demos of the two bands. Fire of hatred against coolness of despair.
- PAGAN ETERNAL [Fra] "Goatlord Devastation" [4€]
Satanic & Nihilistic apocalyptic Raw Black Metal with a member of Reverence.
- RADIGOST [Russia] "Nocturne" [4€]
Good Pagan Black Metal from Russia... Nothing to add', you know what to expect!!!
- SANCTIFIER / KRUEGER [Brazil] "In Mayhem & Destruction" [4€]
The South American scene fucking rules ! On the Sanctifier side you will find an Old School Death Metal live dedicated to Cthulhu Mythos & recorded in 2000 / On the Krueger side an ugly Death/Thrash assault recorded live in 1995.
- SLUGATHOR [Finland] "Crush, skulls & bones"[4€]
Raaaaaaaaaarrrrrggghhhhh ! Great to here an evil & torture inspired Death Metal nowadays! There's not only the Swedish touch in Scandinavia. Live album.
- STAKE OF GOD [Italy] "... For The Primordial Instinct" [4€]
Damned! There's not only the awful Opera IX in Italy!!! You like Nocrataï ???? You'll worship this tape! Harsh sound, fucked up structures, dirtiness inspirations, insane clumsiness... Total pornographic Black Noise ! Fuck the virgin Mary, support the bacco's war!!!!!!
Good UG assault gathering Belenos, Celestia, Myself Am Hell, Ultima Forsam, Evil Omen, Uranus, Bloody Sign, Dolmens, Lusitania, In Lupus Pacis, Sem Pervivum, Cruention, Belenos, Nemeton, Arckan Obscura, Skoll, Indrazor & Regnant And Thrall.
Good UG assault gathering Epheles, Essence Of Existence, Mordaehoth, Destinity, Thronaeon, Abhor, Dismal, Arcana Liturgia, Requiem Aeternam, Ciborium, Sepulchral Sect, Burial Place, Astaarth, Dharmah, Circumventor & Dream Of Nebiros.
Good UG assault gathering Antaeus, Heroic Flame, Sargatanas, Fornication, Atropos, Maniac Butcher, Bloody Tears, Sezarbil, Jääportit, Nachthymnen, Obscura Symphonia, Nocturnal Prophecy, Garwall, Morcrof, Madryal & Temple Of Baal.


- VINTERRIKET [Ger] "Kälte" [6€]
Black Metal Ambient very close to the latest Burzum albums or the most hypnotical Hate Forest stuffs, dealing with nature, landscapes & seasons. Sumptuous, cold, melancholic and noble.

Zines :

Black Metal Ist Liebe!!!! w/ itw of Seigneur Voland, Iron Youth, Ravenbanner, Bound For Glory, Warspirit Distro, Animus Herilis; Boring articles about Absurd, Rudolph Hess, the Mossad, Nihilism, Myths... Books & Cd's reviews. Get it if you are Gay or, just to laugh... In French
Gay zine for Gay straight edge people. Itw w/ Chevrotine, Der Stürmer, Sombre "Chiasse", Arianrhod, Bannerwar, Vikingblood, Capricornus, Forest. Another boring articles masturbation, books & cd's reviews. Black Metal is dead, Heil life Metal !!!!!!! In French

Second Hand

- AGARTHI [Italy] "At The Burning Horizon" [4€]
You will find in this Mcd four tracks of an Orchestral Black Metal conceptualizing a story of six daemons invading earth.
- AUTUMN NOSTRUM [Ger] "Autumn Nostrum" [4€]
This band come from Germany but offer a very Swedish fashioned Death Metal, full of melodies & sometimes very close to Black Metal. Mcd.
- DIABOLIQUE [Swe] "The Diabolique" [7€]
Doom/Gothic Metal/Rock dealing with darkness and vampire tales. Try this shit if you are GAY !
- HATE SUPREMACY [Fra] "Under The Reign Of Armageddon" [4€]
Powerful & barbaric Death Metal assault with members of Himinbjorg, Crystalium & Nehëmah... Promo version in a Cd Box. It will blast your trendy ass...
- HEIDENREICH [Austria] "Trance Of An Unholy Union" [7€]
Avant-garde Black Metal with a member of Abigor. Digipack.
- HELGRINDR [Fra] "Cold Might Of Winter War" [7€]
Pagan Atmospheric Black Metal. Cold, majestic & raging French band.
- NEBEL [Fra] "Hymns Of Destruction" [7€]
Raaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh ! If you think Black Metal died in the mid-nineties, get this killer album !
- SETHERIAL [Swe] "Hell Eternal" [7€]
No time to loose in a shity comment about this stuff. I hope everyone here knows the name of Setherial.


- CHRISTICIDE “Apex Of Negativity”
- INKISITOR “Inkisitor”
- T.O.M.B. “Sacrilegium”
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R.U. / I.H.T.D. New Update...
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