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 Undone AUTOPSY interview.

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Location : France

PostSubject: Undone AUTOPSY interview.   Fri 4 Nov - 20:04

After cleaning my hard drive, I found this AUTOPSY interview I tried to have answers for...

I sent it 3 times by email (through Peaceville), one time by snail mail...
It never worked. (Never a reply)

Maybe it was too long?
I don't know why he refused to answer... strange as a cold fuck...


1. How do you feel about answering this interview? Are you ready to explore again the deepest entrails of the old (but not forgotten) cult Death metal band AUTOPSY?

2. Do you remember why you choosed AUTOPSY as a band's name? Was there a special meaning behind it or was it simply because it sounded good?

3. Now that a lot of years have passed, that you have listened to hundreds of other death metal albums and discovered a good amount of various things in your existence... Could you tell us what is your fave autopsy release? Could you put all the stuffs of the band in order: from your fave to your most hated one?

4. What are in your opinion the main differences between 1st CD/ 1st démos and the following? musical level. To be honnest, I think "Severed survival" is the best and most emotionnal/expressive Autopsy album... what you think happened that could change your way of composition or sthg like that?

5. Was it easy to scream like a disgorged pig and to play drums at the same time?
It's quite rare to hear drummers doing the vocals, it happened in one of the first Morbid Angel's formation and the guy wasn't very tight. (on the "Abomination of desolation" demo rerelease- In my dreams I imagine Pete Sandoval doing the vocals on "Altars of madness", that would be absolute delirium!). Did you get some special training for it and was you efficient for it during the live shows?

6. What about the rerelease of your first demos on a pro CD on... Recs.
Where you aware about it and were you involved in the making of the thing?
I think this is a very cool release as I'm into old AUTOPSY a lot, but the cover artwork isn't very good
and doesn't honore the old doomy death feel of old Autopsy!

Was the tracks taken from the original master tapes or was it from dubbed ones?
(Maybe would be possible to get better quality ones, uh?)

7. Who were the main composers in the band? Did you feel in a given way/ state of mind when some greats riffs emerged from your prostrated guts?

8. What the other guys that played in the band became?
There was Eric Edgard and Ken Sorvari that were bassists on your two first demos...
Steve Di giorgio we all know...

9. Were there some bands before AUTOPSY that could have been considered as primal embryonic versions of the band? Some bands including guys that later joined AUTOPSY and which style could have included some important elements for the musical basis and evolution of Autopsy?

10. 2 different covers were used for your "Severed survival" LP. One with a vicious medicine preparing to mutilate a patient, and the other one offering a more classical Death metal mutilation drawing. Was there a censored cover for the European market or something like that?

11. Chris, played drums on DEATH's first album "Scream bloody gore". What did you think of the Death of Shick Shuldiner? Was you also a part of the demos DEATH recorded before this album?
Was you also responsible for a part of the compositions (both lyrically and musically) as Chuck was quite opened to your ideas, or was you rather a "session" musician who had to play what Chuck wanted you to? (A bit like Dave Lombardo on SLAYER's oldest albums, according to some things I've read).

12. Why did you leave DEATH after the first LP?
What's your opinion of Chuck's other albums that evolved in a more "evolved" techno death metal with old school Death metal and more Heavy metal parts at the end?

13. Which musical styles are you currently into?

14. Watching the photos in the old AUTOPSY LPs, it always seemed to me the guys in the band were cool and rather friendly batards, quite near of their families, friends and still in touch with the socail reality. What did you think about the Black metal way of life, church burnings, priest impalements, corpsepaints, kill your mum, rape your dog, etc...

15. Steve di giorgio appeared as a session bass player on some of your releases, but he added some little personnal touches in the bass playing. To be honnest, I found him more deeply creative in his AUTOPSY days than on the SADUS releases. Didn't you offer him enough beers to motivate him to join the AUTOPSY club? Eh eh ;-) What did you think about SADUS?

16. What was DR SHRINKER? Was it a band composed of some friends of you?

17. A personal point for Autopsy was the band used a new logo with almost every new release. Why that? Did someone in the band does the thing or maybe you got the free services of an artist?

18. There was an AUTOPSY best of released in 2001. Entitled "Torn from the grave" it included some tracks we all know and a few bonus tracks. Was it a label release? Maybe it would have been better to release a fucking live of Death with some unreleased tracks and stuffs as my thirst for old AUTOPSY isn't very much fed with this best of. An official double Ep live bootlegg was released by NECROHARMONIC but you certainly own some cool stuffs on some old tapes, don't you?

19. What about rereleasing a CD with the following now unfindable stuffs? Would be great!
1990 - Rotting Death - LIVE - Peaceville Records
1991 - Live From The Grave - Peaceville Records

20. What's your opinion about the evolution of bands that formed at the same frenetic Death metal epoch than you? bands like ENTOMBED, MORBID ANGEL, UNLEASHED, PESTILENCE (R.I.P), DEATH (R.I.P), MORGOTH, OBITUARY (R.I.P?), CANNIBAL CORPSE...

21. Where there some bands that offered some great demos around 1990 that were fucking forgotten/ got no deal and that still fucking haunt your mind? Thanks to name them for the archeological death metal maniacs!!

22. Why did AUTOPSY always remain in an old school Death metal style? I mean, why didn't you turn into something more extreme with Brutal death or Grindcore influences?

23. Do you know the website 90's DEATH METAL GODZ?
It's an old school Death metal archive with an AUTOPSY section, with some old photos and cool stuffs... What's your opinion about this kind of site?
How did you feel when you visited it?

24. Some bands have added some old AUTOPSY covers on their releases (DISMEMBER on "Misanthropic" Ep, NECROPHOBIC on the "Black Mark tribute CD" or IMMOLATION on "Stepping on angels... before dawn" for exemple). Did you hear some of these covers and what's your opinion about it?

25. I saw you did gigs with PESTILENCE, NAPALM DEATH, PARADISE LOST, BOLT THROWER, OBITUARY.... What memories do you keep from these times? Where there something special? It's said all the bands were rather friendly towards each others and there was some big drinking metal fiestas after the gigs, while nowadays the guys remain in their own corner, they're not as friendly (not to say they own big heads...). Can you confirm this?

26. If you feel I've forgotten to ask something that could be good to know for old AUTOPSY fans, don't hesitate let us know it! Are there some funny stuffs you remenber or rather serious and deeply emotionnal things that occured during the existend of the band?

27. Now let's talk more about ABSCESS. The band includes members of Hexx and Immortal Fate. What are/ were these two bands' style? What motivated the guys to join?

28. How do you define ABSCESS' style when the interviewers ask you (in almost all other inties I guess, eh eh ;-) )

29. I've got the feeling your lyrics' topics evolve in more Scato/ shit enjoyers fields since the last releases of AUTOPSY to reach it's anal quintessence with ABSCESS. Am I right? Didn't you find more inspiration for texts into more Death metal based subjects? Is it linked to some personal behaviour? he he...

30. In your mind, what are the main differences between ABSCESS and AUTOPSY? Does the two bands have got some similarities both musically and for the lyrics? state of mind?
Does it happen that you play some AUTOPSY tracks during shows?

31. ABSCESS has been on RELAPSE, then on LISTENABLE... and finally you're back on PEACEVILLE that released the first official AUTOPSY releases. Which label did the best job promoting one of your bands? Did you get some royalties from any release? Don't you think some labels are only doing the sells/ distribution of their releases while they "forget" to make the bands grow and to promote their shits as fuck? Did that happen with one of the labels that signed one of your bands?

32. You own another project with Killjoy from NECROPHAGIA and DAN LILKER from BRUTAL TRUTH called THE RAVENOUS. You've released a CD entitled "Assembled In Blasphemy" that's said to be in the old AUTOPSY vein. Can you tell us more about it?

33. Tell us more about your other projects DOOMED (I know nothing about it) and NULCEAR DEATH (that was fucking raw Death metal, almost intense noises...). Was it rather "fun" projects, or do you think it offered something worth listening to death for a wide audience?

34. Did you achieved what you wanted to with AUTOPSY?
What are your goals and future projects with ABSCESS?

35. Conclude this interview of death however you want! AUTOPSY Rules!
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Location : Toronto, Canada

PostSubject: Re: Undone AUTOPSY interview.   Sun 6 Nov - 13:00

Nice questions Gab, too bad they didn't take the time to answer them.

Canadian Extreme Metal & Experimental Noize Distribution:
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PostSubject: Re: Undone AUTOPSY interview.   Sat 26 Nov - 10:34

Autopsy would be totally putrefying cool to have on a fanzine paper..
It's a torment that it's so fucking hard to get an interview with them.
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Location : France

PostSubject: Re: Undone AUTOPSY interview.   Sat 26 Nov - 15:18

On the previous board, someone told they stopped answering interviews about AUTOPSY... Sleep
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PostSubject: Re: Undone AUTOPSY interview.   Wed 7 Dec - 13:01

Someone told me that AUTOPSY has split up!
I think i'm gonna have to take a look at the scene today, cause' i'm so fucking into the 80:s that i wear leatherboots when it's summer, jeansvest when it's cold and so on.
But one thing is total, i will never, EVER be a fucking fan of the stupid nowadays metalcore scene, damn it! NEVER!
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Location : France

PostSubject: Re: Undone AUTOPSY interview.   Wed 7 Dec - 16:34

AUTOPSY split up years ago, after their last album "Shitfun' I think.
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Location : Toronto, Canada

PostSubject: Re: Undone AUTOPSY interview.   Wed 7 Dec - 22:11

gabalgabow wrote:
AUTOPSY split up years ago, after their last album "Shitfun' I think.

AUTOPSYS Discography: (killer band!!)

1987: 'Demo (Title N/A)' (Demo)
1988: 'Critical Madness' (Demo)
1989: 'Severed Survival' Peaceville
1991: 'Mental Funeral' Peaceville
1991: 'Retribution For The Dead' (EP) Peaceville
1991: 'Rotting Death' (12" Bootleg) Peaceville
1992: 'Fiend For Blood' Peaceville
1992: 'Live From The Grave' (12" Bootleg) Peaceville
1992: 'Acts Of The Unspeakable' Peaceville
1993: 'Tortured Moans Of Agony' Peaceville
1995: 'Shit Fun' Peaceville
2000: 'Ridden With Disease' Necroharmonic
2001: 'Torn From The Grave' (Compilation CD) Peaceville

Canadian Extreme Metal & Experimental Noize Distribution:
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PostSubject: Re: Undone AUTOPSY interview.   

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Undone AUTOPSY interview.
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