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 Review of the second demo

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Location : France

PostSubject: Review of the second demo   Sat 29 Jul - 11:20

Here's a review from the Polish paper zine NECROSCOPE.

DEEP VEIN "Post mortem desires" Demo 05.
I think this French band is able to move only most dedicated death metal worshippers. I am, so I listen to their both demos with honest pelasures and always I'll look on their further works surely.
Meantime let me to describe DEEP VEIN's second demo, released on CD-R format, quite professionally. So, the Frenchmen follow the old school death metal path, with playing brutal as well as pretty catchy songs. "Post mortem desires" contains 4 compositions, which are rather long but not very intense, complex for sure. They are based on a co-existence of fast, aggressive means with slower, more melodic ones. These faster ideas are made most often by such twisted riffs, they don't show any higher technical skills, hoewer are very acceptable because their pure brutalityn like in the "Rivers of pestilence" song, obviously the best and more compact on the demo! Also the slowdowns sound pretty tasty as well as good, melodic solos, which are one and only variety of these classical songs. And the whole is composed, "combined" by simplest arranges. As you can see, I've presented here a classical death metal story, DEEP VEIN did not anything splendid, but for sure wrote it on a decent level and therefore I can recommend honestly "Post mortem..." to every crazy death maniac!
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Review of the second demo
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