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Location : Toronto, Canada

PostSubject: TERMINAL DESCENT NEWS   Wed 1 Nov - 20:42

Okay...I'll keep it short, here...just letting you know that the "release date" for the new TD album: "Host Age to the Devil" has been pushed back "indefinitely". This just means, I'm not sure WHEN it will be released. I believe it won't be 'til early next year ('07). There's various reasons for this...mostly "economic", as well as, my own "personal growth" (or "unfolding"..."unveiling"...etc.), as it were. I'm getting heavily involved in some "inward work"...of "finding my center of being"...a "spiritual vision quest"...whatever you want to call it. As some of you know...TD is highly representative of this "ideal"...of "attaining" Oneness of's an individual journey. I'm "looking within to see without", these days, as well as will be reading/contemplating, quite extensively, items that I'm being "drawn to". I appreciate everyone's interest and support and will interact as much as possible while still maintaining my "studies", as it were ;-) I apologize, in advance, to those I will end up "short changing" in this process...just know I think of you "fondly", even if I'm not corresponding as much.

I will also be working on FOUR "bonus" tracks...this, too, is part of the delay of the new well as, a bit of "consolation", at the same time, for not putting it out this year, like I really wanted to. Who knows...maybe it will end up progessing into a double album release??? Just some thoughts running through my head. "Be prepared for anything", I guess. :-)

You can listen to all the songs for "Host Age to the Devil" at: while waiting for the "official release".

Thanks, again, for your interest and support...may "bliss and happiness" be ours! :-)

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