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 Interview with GBK hordes, final one before suicide for WSZ

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Location : Toronto, Canada

PostSubject: Interview with GBK hordes, final one before suicide for WSZ   Sat 18 Nov - 19:15

1. Start us off with a brief history of GRAND BELIAL'S KEY for those of us who are less familiar with the band.
At this stage, there’s really no point anymore. We are towards our last days in the scene. Reminiscing about our early days about 14 years ago isn’t necessary. The important detail is that we’re still playing and releasing powerful albums. For those that truly don’t know jack shit about us the band was formed in 1992, but it was buried twice due to conflicts between myself and other members, particularly some fuckface called Lord Fag Pussyferian (who later joined clown band ANCIENT). I quit GBK on two occasions but reformed with the incorporation of Der Sturmer on bass and The Black Lourde of Crucifixion from CRUCIFIER on drums/vocals in 1996. In the years to come, other members have contributed to GBK like Kommando, The Marauder, and most significantly Demonic’s return on bass on bass (He was only absent from GBK during the first LP).
2. The new GRAND BELIAL'S KEY album "Kosherat" sees something of a departure and evoltion, a noticable growth from previous albums. How do you view "Kosherat" when comparing it to the band's preceding works?
We’re not very fond of the term “evolution” in black metal for it ruins music. The album is just an extension of “Mocking..” and “Judeobeast…”. The third album “Kosherat” is the culmination of a decade-long attack on the root of the enfeeblement of man. Much more time to cohesion, and arrangements were given. There was an effort to actually spend some time in the studio and put together our best work. Usually, we just go in there to record and leave, and let the stones fall where they may. We worked on this with more enthusiasm than in previous works and did plenty of rehearsals.

3. Do you feel "Kosherat" is GRAND BELIAL'S KEY's best work to date? Why or why not?
Well, according to Demonic it sounds like a 10,000 lbs. pound mosquito! It is thick, very varied and with loud guitars and bass. The recording process was much more extensive than in the past. More attention was put into detail and timing, and the result is the most powerful record we’ve done so far. Even though most bands say the exact same shit, I really mean it especially when you play them back to back with our older albums.

4. "Kosherat" features a number of GRAND BELIAL'S KEY songs that have been heard before, as well as two covers. What made you decide to (re)record these particular songs?
There is a total of 3 songs, “The Tricifixion of Swine”, “Hobo of Aramaic Tongues”, and “Son of the Black Ram”. The original vinyl versions were recorded on crappy 4-tracks and they deserved proper production. Besides, they were very limited, especially the “Tricifxion…” release (300 copies) and not everyone had a chance to listen to these. Those songs are usually part of our live set and Grimnir and The Gulag wanted to record them in the studio once and for all. People say that a song isn’t officially done until it is recorded on an album, and I agree.

5. The lineup has gone through significant changes between the recording of "Judeobeast Assassination" and "Kosherat." How is the new lineup working out?
In 2002, prior to our first European mini-tour, Grimnir Heretik and The Gulag replaced The Black Lourde of Crucifixion, so the new members are not so new anymore. Everyone is committed %100 to the cause and has improved the overall cohesiveness and potential of the band.

6. What brought about these changes in lineup in the first place?
For whatever reason, Cazz was not committed to playing in Canada or in Europe, so a back up lineup was found. Perhaps this didn’t sit well with him. In any case, he quit GBK soon after. It would be a better question for him. He lived 2 hours north of us and this distance was becoming problematic for us to travel just to rehearse. I think other personal factors were also involved but I won’t speculate.
7. GRAND BELIAL'S KEY's approach to black metal is remarkably unique and untouched compared to other bands, notably the lyrical approach; the lyrics are much more ridiculing and mocking than many other bands, making them that much more scathing. Where do you draw such lyrics from?
The lyrics deal with religious topics that go beeper than the early days of Christianity. The true roots of this pestilence are explored, exploring pre-Christian Judaism and its gross culture. Disgust in others and pride in ourselves inspire us to express our bigotry through music. I think that our latest release, and songs like VULTURES OF MISFORTUNE, paint a great picture of the horrific ways of ancient Jewish culture and their customs. I am offended by the poor quality of music that my peers are recording. Musically, I hope to bring something unique to the table. All our lyrics express an enmity for Juden-Christianity, and endless sadistic cynicism which mocks and ridicules the religion with a twisted sense of sarcasm
8. Starting with the first demo "Goat of a Thousand Young," the album covers for GRAND BELIAL'S KEY have been another unique aspect of the band, again being riduculing and mocking, while at the same time staying far away from typical and overdone themes; a GRAND BELIAL'S KEY album cover is often unmistakable. What brought about the ideas for such album covers?
The reasons we keep using those images is that they define us as a band now. As you might know, there is no particular image associated with GBK as we don’t take funny black metal photos with KISS make-up in the woods of suburbia. The album covers and such help define us visually. Besides, I know it pisses off a lot of people whom believe our covers should be frightening and colorless. Many have called our artwork childish and ridiculous. GBK isn’t here to please anyone really so very little thought is given to the listener if you can imagine.
9. What are near future plans regarding touring and recording?
I think we may have already concluded the year by playing a successful gig in Virginia (after 7 years) with KULT OF AZAZEL and DEMONCY in June, and a private gig with ABSURD (Germany) and special guest appearance by BLUE EYED DEVILS in New York City in July. I doubt there will be any new recordings done this year.

10. Feel free to kill this interview with your own words.
The USBM scene is only a distorted reflection of the European scene.

GBK "Kosherat" CD $12 world postpaid airmail

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Interview with GBK hordes, final one before suicide for WSZ
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