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PostSubject: HALLOWS EVE   Mon 11 Dec - 19:44

HALLOWS EVE will be releasing a DVD from their recent Halloween show. The gig was professionally shot with five cameras and also features "the full size whipping" that bassplayer Tommy Stewart got from a dominatrix onstage while singing 'Soldier'. The band will furthermore be doing three last shows in Alabama, San Francisco and L.A. before they start working on a new album. This time they will try to stick to the original HALLOWS EVE sound as much as possible and even tried to get original vocalist Stacy Anderson back into the line-up, but unfortunately he still won't be willing to rehearse or tour. Stacy is currently in a ROB ZOMBIE kind of band together with Doyle Bright (formerly of Rigor Mortis), called 2 Prong Crown. They are even doing a HALLOWS EVE tune entitled 'Lethal Tendencies 2006'. Talking of original HALLOWS EVE members: Ronnie Appoldt, who used to be with the band in their early days, is still alive and well (so all rumors about him being killed in a car crash were false!). He's currently playing bass in a band called RUKUS out of Templeton, California!
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