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 SE Asia Death *** BIIIIIIIIP!!! Forbidden word! ***

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PostSubject: SE Asia Death *** BIIIIIIIIP!!! Forbidden word! ***   Fri 15 Dec - 15:23

Does anyone know of how to get ahold of the older releases from the area (mainly interested in 90-96)? There are a few distros, but it costs too much for the postage to Thailand for just a few items. And I would trade, but you usually need trade lists of 1000+ items to get these older bangers interested!

Mainly interested in sounding similar to Abhorer, Rator, Nuctemeron, Xtreme Obsession, Beheaded Nasrani/Profanation, Necrophile, Messiah Death etc etc etc (I admit, some of these I've only heard by name, but am curious to what they sound like, if anyone has them!).

I think some have been reissued (Abhorer- Unholy Blasphemer and Rator- Evil Symphony for eg), but not many seem to make it into the European market!
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Location : France

PostSubject: Re: SE Asia Death *** BIIIIIIIIP!!! Forbidden word! ***   Sat 16 Dec - 17:56


If you occur to get your hands on some of these,
I wouldn't be against an ugly trade from hell!!! :firedevil:
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SE Asia Death *** BIIIIIIIIP!!! Forbidden word! ***
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