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 I.Ex.M.N - Prodz/Distro (Not for pussies !)

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PostSubject: I.Ex.M.N - Prodz/Distro (Not for pussies !)   Wed 31 Jan - 19:20

All prices are postpaid. To buy 5 stuffs, add 3 EUR/4 $ for a securised sending, for more infos/wholesale/trade Contact N.P at: iemn{@} or send me a e-mail for an order.


--DIAPSIQUIR "Virus S.T.N" CD 9 euros
Satanic urban depravation. Indus/electro Black/Death experimental, sick and crazy.
--VICTOIRE PAIENNE/DEVILMIND split CD-r semi pro limited 5euros
Primitive Heathen BM vs Raw Pagan BM
--THE DEAD MUSICIAN "React Then Act” CD-r slim case 3euros
BM Pagan/Punk
--THE DEAD MUSICIAN "when music killed me” CD-r slim case 3euros
The 1st demo
--JeFF "Insomnies du paranoïaque" Cd-r slim case 3euros
Electro/indus/Dark ambient
--ALIEN DEVIANT CIRCUS - "En Pan To Omegas" CD-r 4euros
Industrial Noisy Black Metal, occult, esoteric, insane. Excellent.
--GLAUKOM SYNOD/THE PROCESSUS - "split" CD-r numbered 4 euros
Electro/Noise/Indus Metal VS Harshnoise Black Metal
--GLAUKOM SYNOD - "Obsessism XXIII" CD-r limited 4euros
Insane Electro/Noise/Indus Metal
--GLAUKOM SYNOD "Uczulony" CD-r 4 euros
electro/indus musick with DM/BM elements and structures.
Exxxcelent sick & glaucous Electro Noise/Harsh Noise, come with a very beautiful artwork.
--NOTHINGiStTrue "?" CD-R in DVD Box 5 euros
Harsh Noise with ambient & BM elements.
--HATESTORM/FERA "Disciples of the Beast" split CD-r pro cover 4 EUR
A Black Metal terror split.
--TERRODROWN Ruined Nation pro CD-r in slim box 4 EUR
Industrial Black Metal with experimental touch.
--ITKDABQUTH QLIPHOTH demonic crown of anticreation CDr pro cover 4 EUR
Raw Black Metal.
--FROZEN SCARS New World Order CD-r pro cover 4 EUR
Very icy and distant True BM.
--TOXIC HOLOCAUST "Evil never dies" Official bootleg CD-r in slim box 3 EUR
KULT extreme fuckin' Thrash Metal !!
--MOURNFUL NIGHT "The way of torment" Pro cover CD-r 3 EUR
Great Symphonic Black Metal.
--EMBILULUGUGAL "Noisemongers for Goatserpents" Pro CD-r 4 EUR
A mix of old-school extreme harsh Metal tracks and Noise/harsh Noise tracks !! 29 tracks of pure insanity and satanic alkoholic possession !!
--DORMANT ORDEAL "Rotten hearts" pro cover CD-r 3 EUR
Grindcore/Death Metal in the great way.
--SAMARTARY "Deadly black hole" CD-r 3 EUR
Old school exotic Black/Death Metal.


--SLIDHR "Demo I" TAPE 4 euros
Black Metal in the vein of ONSDSKAPT & WATAIN. Insane, macabre, occult with a good production.
--VUCUB CAME "Vomito Negro" TAPE 3 euros
Raw Black Metal Old School. This this THE insanity. Imagine DARKTHRONE & BEHERIT with DARVULIA/MÜTIILATION ...
--NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION "Four seasons of depression" TAPE limited to 300 3 euros
Melancholic Black Metal. Depressiv, sick and original.
--VANNVIDD "Bloodmarks" 4 euros Tape very limited
--VANNVIDD "Chimeres" 4 euros Tape very Limited
--VANNVIDD "Ghosts of Destinity" 4 euros Tape very limited
Fabulous & Cold Pianistic Dark-Ambiant in the vein of VINTERRIKET.
--BLACK HEARTS IN THE NORTH compilation tape with EITHEL SIRION, BALAAM, ELECTRONICALLY LOST, & more... TAPE numbered 3 euros
--YPERITE/CHAROGNE « Seuls les morts…[2005]/Purge [2005] » Tape 4 euros
Killer Black/Death Metal for CHAROGNE, and Nuclear DEATH METAL with BM elements for YPERITE. Very fast.
--CAVATICUS « Amentia [2006]/ 2003 » Tape 4 euros
Agnostic BM. Insane, fast, sick.
--GLADSHEIM « War Wolf SPirit » Tape 4 euros
Pure BM in the vein ov KRISTALLNACHT. Excellent.
--ZBT 44 / ECOUTE LA MERDE "Gasmask serie n°1" Split TAPE 3 euros
Black/Noise vs pur Static Harsh Noise
--ZBT 45 / VHELVET "Gasmask serie n°2" Split TAPE 3 euros
Black/Noise terror vs Noise/harsh Noise
--ZBT 46 / EXETHERIS "Gasmask serie n°3" Split TAPE 3 euros
Black/Noise vs experimental Black Metal
--EMIT "A sword of death for the prince”
Dark Ambiant/Noise in the vein of AGHAST & ABRUPTUM.
--STAKE OF GOD “Cumshooting inside…” Tape 3 euros
Black Metal with a lot of influences.
--STAKE OF GOD/VULTUR « Dances around the fire » Tape 3 euros
Indus BM vs BM
--SJÄLVMORD - "Självhatets Skönhet" TAPE 3euros
Depressiv Black Metal with Pagan spirit.
--SoMM ? "Désordre de la Pensée-Phase 1" TAPE ldt.66 3euros
Psychotic dark Drone/Ambient
--SoMM ? "Désordre de la pensée - Phase 2" Tape ldt. 3euros
Psychotic dark Drone/Ambient
--REVERORUM IB MALACHT "What do you think of the Old God, we call him Judas?" TAPE 4euros
"Symphonic/Ambient Black Metal, but absolutely NOT as 99.9 % of bands play !" Killer stuff in the vein of PAYSAGE D'HIVER, more personal.
--UNTERGANG "Kult of the black order" Tape 3 EUR
Killer Black Metal
--EXEKRATOR Ordo Bestiae Tape pro cover 3 EUR
--PANZERFROST denial of the mankind Tape pro cover 3 EUR
--KRAFT Lusitanian pride Tape 3 EUR
Epic and thrashy raw BM
--KRAFT Twilight Halls of Sorrow Tape 3 EUR
Epic raw BM
--HERITIERS DE LA HAINE Sur le Pied de Guerre Tape 3 EUR
Old School French Death Metal
--EPYDEMYC Obscure Death Tape 3 EUR
Old School Brazilian Death Metal
--IMPALE Japan Future Beer & WarTape 3 EUR
Brutal Japan Thrash Metal
--EARTH AD discography Tape 3 EUR
Canadian Thrash Core
--FORCA MACABRA Caveira da Forca Tape 3 EUR
Old School Thrash Punk Metal
Excellent atmospheric Black Metal, only 2 copies in stock !!
--AGAILIAREPT/ZAEBROS "The birth of Blasphemy" split Tape 4 EUR
Very good quality True BM for the both bands
--UNTERGANG "Kult of the black order" Tape 3 EUR
Killer Black Metal.

Site :

Infos :


--I.Ex.M.N 001: DAEDELOTH (Fra) "Chroniques Des Terres de L'ombre Pt.I" TAPE Medieval & Atmospheric Raw Black Metal. Limité a 50 copies. 4EUR/5$

--I.Ex.M.N 002: DEVILMIND (Fra) "La Légende" TAPE 4 EUR compilation/best of. Epic Black Metal. The tracks go from oldest to most recent. Very great. Limited to 30 handnumbered copies.SOLD OUT HERE!!! Will be Re-edited soon.
Dispo at Ars Funebris distro (Fra) and Karge Welten (Fra). Few copies.

--I.Ex.M.N 005: EMMOS (Fra) "Tyrant After Tyrant/Guided by the devil" TAPE Heavy/ Pagan Punk BM. Re-release tape with bonus tracks Limité à 100 copies. 4EUR/5$

SOON (Plan for 2007 year/deux ou 3 prods devraient s'ajouter) :

--I.Ex.M.N 003 : "Black Art Decadence" (Fra/Can/Mal/UK, etc) Pro CD-r limited to 270 handnumbered copies. Undeground compilation with Vucub Came, Hlidskjalf, DevilMind, Searing Skull, Neftaraka, Silent Journey, Vannvidd, Mutant Ape and many other for more 80 mins of musick. 5 EUR/6$

--I.Ex.M.N 004 : ANXIETAS (Can)
No more informations for the moment.

--I.Ex.M.N 006 : HLIDSKJALF "Loss fram nea" (Fra) TAPE pro cover limited & handnumbered. Viking Metal in the perfect way.

--I.Ex.M.N 007 & ALTSPHERE prod : EMMOS "Your world is a warfield" (Fra) cd-r + pro cover. Ltd to 300 copies. 5 EUR/6$
7 new songs of black/thrash/punk metal with covers of JUDAS PRIEST, LOUDBLAST, SEX PISTOLS and BEASTIE BOYS (x2)
released by IxExMxN and Altsphere prod.
The Tape version will be very soon released by IxExMxN (5th february 2007) and it includes 2 bonus tracks : a remix by ELECTRONICALLY LOST and another by XT.
MP3: Emmos is alive ; Tough Guy (beastie boys cover)

--I.Ex.M.N 008 : FUNESTIA "Funeral prophecy" (Fra) TAPE limited
Depressive, sick, & glaucous Black Metal.

--I.Ex.M.N 009 : BREATH OF CHAOS "s/t" (Can) TAPE limited
Kaotic & obscure dark ambiant/Black Metal.

--I.Ex.M.N 010 : MELEK TAUS "Hollow night" (Usa) TAPE limited
Killer True Black Metal with Dark ambient tracks.

--I.Ex.M.N 011 : NEFTARAKA "Themes ov the unknown winds" (Mal) TAPE limited
Old school fucking Black Metal from Malaysia !!

--I.Ex.M.N 012 : TOXICUM AESTUS/CREVE "split" (Can/Can) TAPE limited
Toxsick Harsh Black Noise VS Tribal and experimental Black Noise. /

--I.Ex.M.N 013 : WHIP "Reh" or "live" (No) TAPE limited
Fuckin' BlackCore.

WEBSITE : <-- listen the radio !

Si il y a des avis/questions ou autres ...
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Location : France

PostSubject: Re: I.Ex.M.N - Prodz/Distro (Not for pussies !)   Wed 31 Jan - 19:57

Moi j'ai un avis: :mrgreen:
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PostSubject: Re: I.Ex.M.N - Prodz/Distro (Not for pussies !)   Wed 31 Jan - 20:54

Ah, et merci encore ! Le split tue littéralement.
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Location : Toronto, Canada

PostSubject: Re: I.Ex.M.N - Prodz/Distro (Not for pussies !)   Thu 1 Feb - 18:20

Would you like to do a trade?

Canadian Extreme Metal & Experimental Noize Distribution:
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PostSubject: Re: I.Ex.M.N - Prodz/Distro (Not for pussies !)   

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I.Ex.M.N - Prodz/Distro (Not for pussies !)
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