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 NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Webzine: Last reviews

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Location : France

PostSubject: NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Webzine: Last reviews   Sat 3 Mar - 10:50


CARRION CRAWLER (Usa) Rot crumble collapse MCD'05. RAWKER Recs.
This is the kind of underground release that might not please the current metal scene: It's not over produced, the cover is not beautiiiiful and it doesn't contain over the top of fame selling arguments.
But since music matters much more than the $$ invested in production or any over the top jet setting points, and the current scene is over saturated with crappy means and abusively lazy valours, let's put our fingers deeper into the bowels of this underground release.
CARRION CRAWLER evolves between grindcore, brutal death and grindgore. Each side of the spectrum is more present depending on the song: One of the ugly faces is quite gory, following an almost goregrind approach that could remind of old SANITYS DAWN, early EXHUMED, with a little bit of old GENERAL SURGERY, old FILTH (Demo tape), old INTENSE HAMMER RAGE (Am I wrong?) or eventually IMPETIGO (For some moods... But it's not the same style).
The second ugly face would tend to quite complex US Brutal death fornicating with Death grind, while the third face of purulence sounds like "Complex grind" à la HUMAN REMAINS, DISCORDANCE AXIS, a bit of old (Blasting) SOILENT GREEN and quite fukked things like that.
Even thought some parts are cool and quite entertaining, there's also a bunch of moments that don't develop much the putridity (You could also insert the words "Sickness" or "Brutality", depending on your mood), and would even dissolve the efficiency with demonstrative manners. I also don't like a part of the drum-playing that much, it feels like some blasts could sound stronger or some patterns could kick much more.
Finally, we have an anticommercialy packaged release (Attractive cover) that contains its cool moments, but there are too many average parts to really turn me on. It might be a cool item for underground maniacs who dig demos and can't get enough of the various styles and bands quoted before.

CONTORTION (Swe) Forever suffer Demo CDr.
This is a neat mixture evolving between brutal death metal and older death metal influences, with a bunch of blast beats.
The whole is quite technical, but remains edible in a matter of basic listening.
The influences vary between quite modern brutal death (Spawn of possession, Natron), old Brutal death (Cannibal corpse, a bit of Suffocation, a bit of Sinister (Hate)), some almost evil or midly old styled Death metal (Morbid angel, few Hate eternal or stuffs like Koldborn).
It's well packaged, and the production fits well the criterias of the style (Clear and powerful). This demo is a cool item to listen, but there's unfortunately not much haunting the undead or being really particular... It might not be a problem for fans of the style who need it brutal and kicking with well built enough songs, but there are many bands working hard their fingers to kill the death metal fans, so a bit more guts and particularity could only help.
I hope CONTORTION will improve some aspects such as a burning atmosphere from hell, or a better logo (The current one is cheap) because they have good and quite strong basis.

CRIMINAL ELEMENT (Usa) Career criminal MCD'06. EMETIC Recs.
All star extreme metal project making it well balanced between the grinding, groovy, the mid placed and the faster; thanx to the injection of various styles such as Grindcore, Death metal, Crustcore, old Deathcore... This is quite simple in conception and didn't seem too brainstormed on matters of composition (Even if things fall in a right order), so it tastes as some kind of project. It's quite good, but something lacks... Even though some riffs are too easy, some parts aren't bad but quite entertaining and groovy. There's a quite good heavy production.
It doesn't reach the extremes, and it lacks of some urge by moments, but some fans of last years' NAPALM DEATH or DYING FETUS (For example) could dig this release I might categorize as "fine" or "cool'.

EVS (Jap)/ SETE STAR SEPT (Jap)/ CUNTS (Jap)/ HELL MISSIONELLS (Jap) Japanese real underground statement split CD'06. NEGATIVE FEDERAL FUNDS Recs.
4 ways to definitely burn and brutalize your anus? Not really.
### EVS is still so strange and fukked, discarded to nonsense and chaotic to the truculent nauseous. It sounds like some kind of modern technical grind, but it's much more fukked, complex and never-heard than the usual. Not easy to get into, but worth the little effort!
### SETE STAR SEPT: Average thrashy Death metal with blasts. They try to be quite fukked with some breaks and use of few techgrind ideas, but it remains average. Nothing special for now, but many beginnings were worse.
### CUNTS: About 8 minutes of live grindnoise. There's no guitar or bass, so the only noise could come from the overdrive of the drums. It sounds improvised and I don't give a fuck. Many grindnoise bands used to be more intense.
### HELL MISSIONELLS: Old styled thrash metal with a core side that makes them quite similar to some NUCLEAR ASSAULT, with few SOD or old SOIA... But the vocals are a problem for me (Too high pitched or nasal) for this kind of "Thrashcore", and it's a bit too mid-placed... Headbanding deserves asskicking fast beats. This is average stuff for now.

FLESHTIZED (Usa) Promo 2006.
FLESHTIZED are back and reunited to plunge your head, again, in massive flows of corrosive cadaveric vomit! YEAAARRRH!!
Prepare to hate, hate and hate again until your mouth spits dried out blood!
At the first hear there aren't obvious differences from what they procreated on their good first album: Quite obscure, blast ridden, death metal with MORBID ANGEL influences. But a closer auditive penetration lets me hear the fact some technical guitars have grafted over the obscurity of once. So the band sounds a bit more "modern" and not as obscure (Even if this last feeling might not be so realistic, as I didn't listen to their first CD since some time).
This is good stuff to listen: It rages quite hard and some riffs shake the fuse-blowing deal, but I miss something that used to awake a quite terrorizing fury in me: It seems the whole doesn't sound so obscure or embalming to metallic dementia. The manifestation of skills isn't top notch, but for a demo recording it's very good.
It's not a bad demo, it's quite intense and massive, but I expected something more gutblowing... But for somekind of "comeback" demo it's not bad at all, so my mind suggests I should wait and hear how the forthcoming album will sound, because some good intensity that might overtop this release could explode your consciousness (of death).

FORBIDDEN CULT (Fra) Promo demo 2006.
Quite good newcoming obscure death metal band à la mid old INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, with some MORBID ANGEL, FLESHTIZED and a zest of old NILE.
The feeling isn't as intense and the style isn't as developed as the bands mentioned before, but there's a nice atmosphere, it's quite well packaged and some quite "chaotic" riffs aren't bad. The band evolves between the concrete aspect of hard riffing, and a more abstract approach à la INCANTATION's "Mortal throne of nazarene" (For example). I regret the whole isn't more intense, and the snare drum sounds a bit too thin (A la CRYPTOPSY).
Not bad at all, and even quite promising for a first demo from the depth of the underground! More experience and rehearsals of agony might help them to write more extreme songs. Hailz Death metal!
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Location : France

PostSubject: Re: NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Webzine: Last reviews   Sat 3 Mar - 10:50

HUTT (Bra)/ NOISEAR (Usa)/ GATE (Jap) Split CD'06. BLASTASFUK Recs.
This is a cool split CD released on the new Australian label BLASTASFUK (New sexual tool of a blastomaniac from THE KILL).
Of corpse the 3 bands are very close to Grindcore and like to blast the drumkit hard.
The first is HUTT from Brazil, a grinding grind band who blasted a grind CD and a cool demo before hand. The style is very close to what blasted the hears of grinders on the "Sessao descarrego" CD... But I have the feeling it's not as soarprising (Fewer cuts and surprises in structures, less noisy experiments) and there are a bit more heavier parts... This is not bad, it still kicks, and it might turn on fans of "Opened" grind who also dig thrash HC, power-violence and other affiliates of the urban Satan, but I expected more.
NOISEAR blasts from Usa and offers 5 tracks of grindcore mixed with chaotic hardcore, plus some moments of fukked craziness, old style thrash (From the HC side) and few others things. This sounds quite fucked and blasting, some dissonances are nice and I like the quite technical playing of the drummer... But the music penetrates kinda too complex or dissonant noises to really entertain me (It's not really my cup of cyborg's oil, otherwise it's totally disfukked à la EVS). It would be both "too much" and "not enough" to turn me on... Anyway, fans of old CEPHALIC CARNAGE, (Some) PIG DESTROYER, SPAZZ, AD NAUSEAM (Usa) HATEWAVE (Demo) and stuffs that blast the hole of absurdity might dig it.
GATE blasts hard and choose the way of massive intensity! ARRRGH! Imagine a quite energetic mix between grindcore and blasting Death (The best of BIRDFLESH ("Night of the ultimate moche"), few MORTALIZED, French MORGUE (But better in my blasting opinion) with deliciously fukked up touches of disjoncted cerebral emptiness à la DISCORDANCE AXIS, and you have a blasting zigzag brain overview of the way it could annihilate your brain.
In fact, the first half is emotionally intense, while the other half is generally more common on a gut-feeling's point of view... Anyway this is promising "New school" Grindcore for fans of Intense (But also quite modern) Grind!
This split CD isn't bad at all, each band offers enough quality to potentially lead me to other brainblastings in the future... Even though it's not over the fucking top of everything, it seems to be one of the best underground grindcore releases I heard the last years... It's far from the convenience of the asleep "Grindcore" grandads the scene has problems to keep in its putrid mouth, and even can't stop regurgitate with nausea in our poor disappointed faces... It's fresh and aggressive Grind the way it was meant to scorch your banging skull! Ah! Welcome home sanitarium.

MURK EXORBITANCE (Rus) Desecrated reality CD'06. SOUNDAGE Prods.
For an album this is average. Morissound Death metal that would rather remind the mid-placed patterns of old MALEVOLENT CREATION, RESURRETION or MORTA SKULD, with some blasting patterns and mid old DEATH influences. Some mid tempos almost tend to quite groovy deathcore, but it's not the same feeling, so I'll keep it linked to the sounds of Maurice. Even if it's not badly played or produced, it sounds too convenient and lacks of explosive energy (And some blasts are fucking flat!).
I kind of enjoy some atmospheres and grooves, but I don't know many peoples to enjoy this kind of stuffs nowadays... It would have been a cool CD if it was released in 1992-1993... It seems I'll conclude with: Only for nostalgics, big fans of Maurice and local supporters.

NIRNAETH (Fra) Thrown atwarth the darkness CD'06. GREAT DANE Records.
The guitarist of NIRNAETH gave me this promo months ago, during a gig in the north of France... I'm sorry for the late, but due to a busy schedule and running sickness of musical tastes (That didn't creep around the black metal globe), I must say I didn't feel in a urge to crawl in the Black metal promos... To say that in French "Y'a pas le feu aux poils!".
The biggest influences of NIRNAETH are without any doubt fast and quite 'old styled', since most of the music would rather remind of what occurred in the beginning of the 90's (While black metal remained more or less underground) so you could happen to think about the old releases of various acts such as: IMMORTAL, WAR, MAYHEM, DAWN, MARDUK, NIDEN DIV. 187 (Not too sure about this one), some old DISSECTION (Not so complex), NECROMICON (1997) et caligula… Other influences could be found in much smaller degrees, I'm thinking about Death metal, heavy metal and thrash metal, it makes the whole a bit more varied. The feelings generally vary between rage/ aggression/ energy and sorrow/ mourning.
A problem lies in the fact the fast and raw riffs doesn't sound very original, and taste like these horny sluts already tried to bestially fuck me before... It seems many bands of the style have the same problem: If they keep it raw and extreme it generally turns out to be everheard, but if they try to make it more original and new then the rawness and aggression gets lost...
The vocals are quite particular, it doesn't bother me but I think everyone wouldn't get into the quite high pitched and 'crushed' screams of Zigouille.
The production is clear and powerful. The guitars sound strong but not too overdriven, and it has some kind of purity/ aspect of sorrow that wouldn't displease black metal fans. The whole might lack of crass and noisy parasites for some undergrounders who crawl in the depth, but it seems top notch in my hears.
Some good ways of improvement could be: More surprises in the drum patterns, few hellish old school leads (Why not?), a bit more complex structures or the guitar and bass guitar might need to play very different patterns (Newer evil sounds might appear)…
This is a pleasant album to listen to, it's varied enough to remain quite entertaining during the whole listening process, but I must say I miss something really catchy or emotionally over the top to definitely convince me.
I saw them live few times, and I feel like their music sounds better during a gig (More extreme… And with noisy parasites ahah). Big fans of blasting black and raw black metal might dig NIRNAETH, so check out their music if you have doubts...

PHLEGETHON (Fin) Totems within Demo CDr'06.
When I initially heard this demo, I had doubts about the fact this could be the same old Finnish Death metal band, because it seemed to offer nothing special... But various sources shew me it unfortunately was the same band that used to plague the underground death metal morbidity of the beginning 90's... What a deception!
It lacks anything a Death metal maniac needs: Where are the morbidity, obscurity, energy and insane growls from the cavern? I don't know where it has fucking gone!
What you hear would rather sound liked polished semi technical death thrash, with almost thrashy thin vocals, and melodic moments...It happens to sound like some DEATH, ILLOGICIST, DUNGORTHEB, PESTILENCE (1st Lp), a bit of old VADER, and almost early Gothenburpish stuffs... What about throwing grandad's convenience through the window and facing the violence of metal once again???!
Ok... It wasn't made a bad way, some riffs aren't bad, and the production would be quite good and clear according to nowadays' standards, but I don't need that, and there's quite too much "Tiny and small" riffs! Nothing comes from the guts of violence! Where has the instinct gone?? GRRRR!
I miss the craziness, fukked strange structures and morbidity of once! Just another disappointing convenient comeback as far as I'm concerned...

RETRIBUTION (Serbia) Demo 2005.
Cool Morrisound Death metal that especially sounds like DEICIDE ("Once upon the cross" and the most edible of "Serpents of the light"), with hints of BAPHOMET and an heaviness that wouldn't displease those who dig the last MORTA SKULD recordings. Most of the music is midplaced, with double bass drums. It might seem boring to some brutalizers, especially since there aren't many blasts (And DEICIDE has never been the most extreme band on earth), but the good production helps to make it more powerful and tender.
I also happen to think about a bit of BRUTALITY, old CANNIBAL CORPSE or VADER (For the wrist-playing of once).
The bassist happens to do nice things with what seems to be a fretless bass, it's a shame it's so seldom because his playing opens the gates to more abstract imagination.
I'm not sure if RETRIBUTION would sound enjoyable during the length of an album, and there's nothing new or that crushing (It's just a cool and quite professional band in the style), but the atmosphere makes this demo quite good. A bit more energy and surprises (Especially on the bass playing!) might significantly improve the impact of RETRIBUTION. Let the demon seed burn!

SUBCUT (Bra) Humanidade = genocidio Demo CDr.
Grindcore that rather comes with influences of the old style (Early NAPALM DEATH) but packed in a quite screamy way (Think Power violence), with some mid-placed HC influences. The quite noisy aspect assorted with screams could remind of old ANAL CUNT, while the freshness reminds me of HUTT's first CD.
This is quite compressed and motivated grindcore/ powerviolence, not bad on a matter of structures and energy... But I miss something heavy and resonating (Obese grind? Hu!) or hammering to split my head in half. A bit more blasts wouldn't displease me. Big underground fans of the style might dig it, especially during fukked pit blastures.

UNCHALLENGED HATE (Ger) The art of method CD'06.Self released.
Neat blasting Death metal reminding me of NAPALM DEATH (Harmony/ Utopia) with a rigidity à la TERRORIZER and a bit of the last EXHUMED (So a cleaner old CARCASS). Add some classical Death metal beats, some not so old NAPALM, few crustcore and grooves to have a clear vision conquest.
Positive: The music sounds kicking, well built and fresh.
Negative: There's nothing really killer, catchy, or resonating the way old grind did.
Criticism slower: After a while you get into the energy of the band and you kinda forget the usual approach of the whole.
Conclusion: UNCHALLENGED HATE could be a worthy band for fans of death grind, mid old NAPALM DEATH and old TERRORIZER, who need more from their grindminded "idols" and dislike asleep extreme music.

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NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Webzine: Last reviews
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