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 Diabolical Conquest Store (All CDs €8 postage paid!)

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Hallucinating Death

Hallucinating Death

Diabolical Conquest Store (All CDs €8 postage paid!) Empty
PostSubject: Diabolical Conquest Store (All CDs €8 postage paid!)   Diabolical Conquest Store (All CDs €8 postage paid!) EmptySat 30 Oct - 6:26

Diabolical Conquest Store (All CDs €8 postage paid!) Twothumbsupbaby

All full length CDs are for €8 inclusive of postage anywhere in the world!

It should take only around a week or less for stuff to reach Europe from our US distro.

New store additions in the month of October -

US Distro:
Agathocles - This is not a Threat, It's a Promise
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Extinction | Salvation
Bloodsoaked - Sadistic Deeds...Grotesque Memories
Brutally Deceased - Dead Lovers' Guide
Burial - Divinity Through Eradication
Cerebral Effusion - Impulsive Psychopathic Acts
Cliteater - Clit 'Em All
Cliteater - Eat Clit or Die
Corpsickle - Zombie
Darkestrah - The Great Silk Road (Restock)
Dead Infection - Human Slaughter... Till Remains
Decimation - Anthems of an Empyreal Dominion
Disgorge - Chronic Corpora Infest
Embalmer - 13 Faces of Death
Encoffination - Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh
Fermento - Recipe for Cremation
F I N (Funeral Inconscientemente Natural) - La Esperanza que Nunca se Pierde... Es la de Morir
Fistula - Burdened By Your Existence
Ghast – May the Curse Bind
Gortuary - Awakening Pestilent Beings
Gruesome Stuff Relish - Last Men In Gore
Hateful Abandon - Famine
Immured - Demo[n] Collection
Koltum - Funeral of Flesh
Misogi - Tofotukami Wemitamafe
Nunslaughter - Hex
Oblomov - Mighty Cosmic Dances
Overmars - Born Again
Pathology - Incisions of Perverse Debauchery
Pessimist - Evolution Unto Evil
Profanatica - Profanatitas De Domonatia
Putrid Pile - House of Dementia
Retaliation - Exhuming The Past - 14 Years Of Nothing
Sectioned - Purulent Reality (Restock)
Sinpularctos - The Voidance of Man
Skullflower - IIIrd Gatekeeper
The Forensic - The Becoming
Whourkr - Concrete

Indian Distro:
Adversarial - All Idols Fall Before the Hammer
Beyond Hell - The Sleeper Awakens
Bound and Gagged - Fornicate the Gutted
Burial Invocation - Rituals of the Grotesque
Decrepitaph - Beyond the Cursed Tombs
Embalmer - 13 Faces of Death
Highgate - Highgate
Highgate - Shrines to the Warhead
Hooded Menace - Fulfill the Curse (Restock)
Mourning Dawn - For the Fallen
Neter - Nec Spe Nec Metu
One Step Beyond - Life Imitates Art
Pathology - Incisions of Perverse Debauchery (Restock)
Pyramido - Sand
Scribe - Mark of Teja


Diabolical Conquest Webzine and Label -
Diabolical Conquest Facebook page -
Diabolical Conquest Bandcamp -
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Diabolical Conquest Store (All CDs €8 postage paid!)
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