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 SKULLFUCKINGMETAL RECORDS is looking for bands to release:

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Location : Toronto, Canada

SKULLFUCKINGMETAL RECORDS is looking for bands to release:  Empty
PostSubject: SKULLFUCKINGMETAL RECORDS is looking for bands to release:    SKULLFUCKINGMETAL RECORDS is looking for bands to release:  EmptyThu 31 Mar - 21:26

SFM is getting pretty picky these days with bands sending us labels. We love releasing anything underground but we also do things the old fashioned ways. We kindly ask for bands to send us a master tape or cdr, as well as a xerox friendly ready to print to proper dimensions cover art, with the SFM logo and our email address attached.

Some bands ask us if we are interested in releasing their stuffs, our reply is usually "yes, send us a promo" and in return , I find that more and more bands send us a myspace link or a downloadable press kit about the band. We don't operate this way. myspace s media player doesn't work all the time, my computer speakers are shit so I can't get a good listen in and liek I said we are stuck in the old days of tape trading.

I do understand that its much less expensive to send a myspace link over email to take a listen as well as a electronic press kit, but wheres the effort/passion involved? It seems very half assed to me. Being a musician myself, I know how it goes to be a broke one, very much so, but when I send out my bands promos to labels, the label will recieve a hand written letter about th eband as well as full cover art & a master tape or cdr.

Also, another pet peeve of mine is bands wanting to send their release via email, both the music and cover art. I don't have a printer, sometimes files get corrputed and won't download & I plain and simply would rather spend the time I would on going to a net cafe to print off teh cover art on bands that are willing to spend the time to send a xerox friendly cover as well as the master.

In conclusion, if any bands are interested in working with SFM , feel free to contact us and send us your promo via snail mail thanks!

PS All styles/generes welcome!

Canadian Extreme Metal & Experimental Noize Distribution:
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SKULLFUCKINGMETAL RECORDS is looking for bands to release:
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