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 Let’s talk about not so famous… ENTOMBED releases!

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Let’s talk about not so famous… ENTOMBED releases! Empty
PostSubject: Let’s talk about not so famous… ENTOMBED releases!   Let’s talk about not so famous… ENTOMBED releases! EmptyFri 28 Oct - 15:46

The last days, I came back listening to some ENTOMBED CDs I didn’t know too well, and some I knew very well… Here are my thoughts :

-Hollowman MCD 1993: Very cool MCD! I prefer this release than the “Wolverine blues” album released at the same epoch, because it has more fast songs! It’s better balanced between the kicking and the more “creeping”.

-Uprising CD 2000: Very cool death’n roll/ stoner. Riffs & riffs and cool feeling/ compositions. Could we say something like Motorhead goes death’n roll meets stoner?

-Morning star CD 2001: This one is not too much for me… I hear too much of mid/ end 90’s Slayer and early 2000’s “modern” thrash…

-Inferno CD 2003: I never got into this one… I don’t know what is wrong, perhaps the production (?) but it’s boring for me…
I feel something like a dark atmosphere, but well… Perhaps it’s too “sludge”? Didn’t find the key yet, if there’s a door to open…

-When in Sodom MCD 2006: Very cool Ep, with some good ugly vibes and nice ideas! It could have turned in a very good album later… But some musicians left (Including some that wrote music)

-Serpent saints CD 2007: I don’t know this one very well at all… The opening song is very cool, and there’s another track that seems really cool… but I also heard some “very” usual/ Not too inspiring stuffs… So I don’t know, yet.

You dig some of these albums? Say something, perhaps it will help me to change my mind, or find the “key” :- )

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Let’s talk about not so famous… ENTOMBED releases!
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