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 Beyond The Ninth Wave Review

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Evil Edi

PostSubject: Beyond The Ninth Wave Review   Mon 23 Jan - 5:41

Tired of being alive and want to commit suicide? On this self-titled album, Beyond The Ninth Wave has created the ideal funeral march songs for your memorial service. Well, Lords Of Metal does not condone any suicides at all, but as a reviewer I'm obliged to give you an impression of what this album sounds alike. 'Schwarzwald / In The Company Of Wolves', 'Crossing The Pyriphlegethon', 'Suicidal Winter', 'Arctic Holocaust', 'Screams From The Dungeon', 'The Haunting' and 'Trostlosigkeit' sound as if torment, torture, misery, agony and anguish made a pact somewhere in the bloody dungeons of hell.

This is a Canadian suicidal black metal solo project, created by Morder from Nirnaeth Arnoediad. On the second song there's a guest guitar appearance from Herr Diederichs, also from Nirnaeth Arnoediad. If someone told me, these were lost tapes from Burzums 'Aske' sessions, I probably would have believed him because Beyond The Ninth Wave sounds more like Burzum than Burzum ever did before. Inventiveness is hard to find here but Morder has created the perfect soundtrack to the apocalypse. Old-school Burzum fans be quick or be dead, because this one is limited to 1000 units.

Rating: 82/100 (details)

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Beyond The Ninth Wave (Canadian Black Metal) "Suicidal Winter"
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PostSubject: Re: Beyond The Ninth Wave Review   Mon 23 Jan - 8:49

Have a look at your private messages,
I sent you a PM few days ago!

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Beyond The Ninth Wave Review
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